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Liquivida® Case Study

Liquivida® is a fast-growing, medical spa that specializes in IV vitamin therapy, weight loss solutions, and medical aesthetics. Initially, video was non-existent on their website. But once we partnered with Liquivida and increased their website traffic, they realized that video could explain their services better than images or text can. Keep reading to learn how Liquivida has used video to modernize their many business divisions, train new partners, and distinguish themselves from the competition.


Corporate Videos

As a way to modernize the brand, we started by creating a sleek company video that could explain IV vitamin therapy, their philosophy, and approach to health and wellness. This consumer-facing video immediately elevated the brand’s online presence, giving them a more professional and established look. We made sure to highlight their mission, primary health benefits, as well as new business opportunities for prospects.

Business benefits:

  • Promote products and services

  • Increase customer perceived value

  • Modernize communication style

  • Differentiate the brand from competitors


Franchise Testimonials

As the company grew, Liquivida needed better ways to connect investors with unique partnership opportunities. We implemented video to highlight new locations, partner physicians and testimonials to drive sales. In this franchise video, we focused on Liquivida Lounge’s newly established facility to attract doctors interested in offering nutrient IV treatment at their facilities.

Business benefits:

  • Attract new franchise leads

  • Quickly highlight key information

  • Raise credibility in new markets


Training Videos

Improving the way Liquivida communicates with the outside world is just as important as enhancing their internal operations. That is why we developed an entire video-based training series for physicians administering their IV infusions. These training videos ensure procedures are safe, consistent and to the highest quality standard. Now, Liquivida is able to add value to their partners by providing a step-by-step guide in a clear, visual format.

Business benefits:

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Facilitate the onboarding process

  • Reduce training expenses


Facebook Ads

On this journey to become more video-centric, we also implemented Facebook video ads to generate calls and foot traffic at their corporate locations. With the undeniable influence social media has on business nowadays, we saw an opportunity to turn Liquivida’s social media into a revenue-generating resource and made it happen. We have run several successful Facebook video marketing campaigns, in addition to ads promoting special offers, resulting in a strong ROI for the company.

Business benefits:

  • Reach a broader audience

  • Increase sales of medical aesthetics

  • Generate qualified leads
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