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How Video Can Connect Your Brand and Audience This Valentine’s Day

2/12/20 5:10 PM

Notepad with 'happy anniversary' message from branded company video

Considered the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s day is a chance for brands to create value for their businesses.

This annual celebration has one of the highest consumption rates in the United States and it definitely represents a unique opportunity for certain industries to increase their sales; but if you’re afraid that your business is not able to take advantage of this occasion, don’t be. You can always jump in on the Valentine’s bandwagon with creative video marketing strategies.

Whether you need to increase brand awareness, connect with your customers or lift your team’s spirit, there’s always a video that will suit your business and give your marketing strategies the momentum they need to be remarkably effective.

Here’s how some brands have incorporated Valentine’s day videos in their marketing efforts.


Video ads are well-known tools that help companies drive their message to consumers and motivate them to buy their products or services. And thanks to the internet, video ads are no longer limited to just traditional commercials. Your video advertisements can live completely on the web and often at a much lower price tag.

When you put commercials and Valentine’s day in the same sentence, most people will think of chocolates, flowers, or jewels ads. So what angle could a  life insurance company, a stationery store, or a multinational technology company take to stay relevant on Valentine’s day?

Well, Google, Take Note and New York Life are all examples of companies that created themed commercials around Valentine’s day that were compelling, engaging and still served their commercial purposes, despite the nature of their businesses.

The right video can connect popular messages with your brand for almost any time of the year. The key to succeeding with this, though, is having a strong concept and an even stronger script. So if it’s your first time diving into video, don’t be afraid to ask for some help.

Storytelling testimonials

A video testimonial is one of the most powerful tactics in any marketing strategy. It commonly features real customers sharing their thoughts and feelings about a product or service, allowing other people see how that product or service has become part of their lives.

Effective video testimonials are all about a strong storyline.

When you develop a story that connects your brand with your potential and current customers on an emotional level, you don’t need high production value to get fantastic results.

It was that insight that inspired Swedish furniture company IKEA during their 2015 Valentine’s day campaign when they got three loving couples who’ve been together ever since the opening of the first IKEA store in 1958 and came up with this charming video.

Company culture videos

Company culture videos are a solid tool that allows companies to consistently communicate their values and what they stand for. Again, they don’t have to be elaborate or high-tech to be effective, they just have to tell a fascinating story of the company’s culture and those who are part of it.

A company culture video is worth investing in time and money because it has the ability to serve different purposes. If created wisely, it can help your recruiting efforts, strengthen your internal communications, boost your marketing strategies and build your brand’s reputation.

Mindvalley, a company dedicated to promoting the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives; saw Valentine’s day as an opportunity to transform its company culture by creating the Love Week—an entire week of appreciation at work. After several years, they decided to take their initiative to the next level and create a culture video around it. Not only did it help them engage their collaborators but it also strengthened their brand’s reputation while becoming an inspiration for other companies to do the same.

Flipkart, an e-commerce brand, came up with a customer appreciation video where its employees decided to thank and dedicate the day to its customers. British Airways, a renowned British airline, produced a brand story video highlighting a real experience of one of its flight attendants. And flavored tortilla chips brand Doritos launched a highlight video after a creative brand activation.

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable marketing tools. So, there’s an array of opportunities for your business to ramp up its marketing campaigns and reach a wide variety of business goals.

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Maria Aponte
Written by Maria Aponte

Maria shares insights on industry buzz, social media strategies, and marketing best practices, drawing from her expertise in digital marketing.

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