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3 Steps to Better Your Video Marketing

9/10/18 9:17 AM

Customers watching tennis marketing videos on an iPad

By now you know video is a supreme tool in the digital marketing realm. It’s eye-catching, engaging and above all, generates and converts leads. Now the question remains: How can I use video marketing to promote my company and maximize growth?

If you are new to video marketing all together, check out my blog on the What, Why, and How of Video Marketing. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how you can improve and excel in this popular domain.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your video marketing today.

Step 1 - Find your purpose

Video can help build, market and grow your business. But without a deliberate objective behind your content, your efforts will prove to be fruitless.

Establishing your goals before pulling out your camera will be the key to capturing iconic video. Let’s break down the different purposes of each video.

Build It.

Once upon a time, there were businesses that never used video as part of their marketing strategy. If this sounds like you, time to get started.

Have a product you’re getting ready to launch? Interested in digital brand activations? Trying to get others to join your cause? Achieve all of this and more with video.

Remember getting excited over the announcement of a new iPhone or Android release? Chances are you read a headline on Twitter or heard chatter among friends. But surely what sold you on the product was a sleek, informative video on the new features that were to come. That is video with purpose.

The use of video can ramp up sales for a product by educating you, but also getting you excited. Bottom line: plain text and still images can’t do what video can.

Promote It.

If your brand is already established, the desire to be noticed doesn’t end. Businesses who “get” marketing never stop promoting their brand. In this case, video can be used to capitalize on the attention you have and capture the hearts and loyalty of new clients as well.  

Whether creating video to promote your brand philosophy, go viral on social media, or have a more interactive landing page, these are all efforts to maximize your ROI.

Again, the key is creating purposeful content. When designing a Facebook campaign, know that 7-15 second videos are ideal for catching your audience's attention. Using subtitles, specific ratios—to fill up mobile devices—and native video will increase viewership and engagement, which all help you promote yourself.

Specials, offers, deals are all things worth spreading with video too. It’s the little—more creative—things that will set your marketing campaign apart from the rest. In essence, it pays to create video with purpose.

Expand It.

Behind every great company is a great video growth strategy. Culture videos showcasing expertise in your field, content attracting top talent and presentations at conventions all have one thing in common. The ability to pluck at your heartstrings through powerful storytelling.

Using video to tell your story and to train new sales reps, marketing and channel partners, are all super important in expanding your business.

Whether that means telling the Internet why your toothpaste is better than the one your viewer has been using for years. Or showing your employee network how to have better work life balance with new company tools for on the go, we all have a story.

Tell yours with video.

Step 2 - Improve your quality

We are living in an era where carrying around 5-inch video cameras is the norm. Thanks to genius techies, soundless, black and white video is a thing of the past.

Recording video and audio is so commonplace it gives everyday cell phone users a chance at documenting history—or their day-to-day coffee run. However, like every advancement in technology there are varying degrees of complexity in the use of video. When marketing your company you want to use the highest quality video production when possible.

How many times can you recall exiting a video because it was out of focus, buffered or had poor audio?  

Maybe these low-end clips add character to your brand, but what benefit is your content when it's an eyesore?

Video marketing at its best takes planning, story lines, location shoots and a creative eye to capture your brand’s story. Incorporating the latest video technology, such as drones and high resolution video cameras,  is guaranteed to deliver a stronger message with brilliant visuals to help your company stand out.

Making sure your player is responsive and brand compliant are also things to consider when uploading and sharing your content. By now, things are starting to get a bit technical.

Having a team of creative experts by your side to guide you through your most effective campaign to date is what every successful business needs. You’re in luck. We are here to help.

Step 3 - Make metrics matter

Data is a part of all that marketers and content creators do. At least it should be. The days of assuming what messaging your business needs to shine is behind us. Now we can analyze your sales funnel and identify points of opportunity to include video.

Once we identify what purpose your next video campaign will have, we have all the latest tools to measure its performance and most importantly maximize your marketing ROI.

Great tools to track your video’s success include Wistia and Brightcove. They analyze drop off rates, showing where your viewer decided they’ve seen enough. Surely this is valuable data when designing your next video marketing campaign.

Along with metrics, you are going to want a distribution plan. This is a fancy way of saying, knowing what to post, when to post and where to post it to reach your audience.

Creating a marketing campaign that works is no small feat. Luckily, we have the experience to match our words.  Here, every day is a movie day. Enjoy increased revenues without breaking a sweat. Let us do the heavy lifting and start your best video marketing campaign now.

Sofia Galiano
Written by Sofia Galiano

Sofia, an expert in cultivating Trifactor's online presence, combines journalism and award-winning photography to create engaging content that tells the company's unique story.

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