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Camila Fuquene

SENIOR Motion Graphics Designer

Camila is a filmmaker and an animation artist. At Trifactor, she creates client’s visions through graphic design and mograph, lending her keen eye, attention to quality, and passion for her craft to give a unique touch of creativity to our videos.

Camila majored in Animation Production with a minor in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, in Bogota, Colombia. She began her career working in graphic design for her family’s print advertising business. But when presented the opportunity to design motion graphics, Camila fell in love with animation and has been mastering her skills ever since. 

I find strength in observing and learning from everyone I work with and whose paths I cross. Like Picasso, I seek inspiration from the world around me. 

Born and raised in Bogota, Camila is an animal lover who dotes on her dog and tabby cat and is fond of rescuing strays. To relax, Camila rides her motorcycle and dreams of traveling far and wide.