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Manufacturing Industry

Rex³ is a leading, family-owned print and mailing facility in South Florida that ships over three million pieces daily. With over 60 years in business, Rex³ is competitive due to its cutting-edge printing technology. Although Rex³ specializes in print products and services, we reinvigorated the company with digital and video marketing strategies to impress prospects. Keep scrolling down to find out how we modernized Rex³’s business.


Case Study Videos

Since Rex³ focuses on print on-demand services for major players in the travel industry, we sat down with one of Rex³ clients to give an in-depth look at the quality and effectiveness of Rex³ services; leveraging on the power of a case study video to promote their business.

Business benefits:

  • Showcase value of services

  • Highlight customer success

  • Develop trust and credibility


Company Culture Videos

What separates Rex³ from other family-owned print shops is their committed, expert-level team. In this video, we were able to showcase Rex³’s facility and the faces behind their long-standing success. It gives insight into the company culture while showing how each team member strives to satisfy Rex³ clients.

Business benefits:

  • Establish the brand as an industry expert

  • Highlight diversity of team and services

  • Provide virtual tours of the facilities


Customer Journey Videos

With a buyer journey video, we used high-quality motion graphics and interviews of Rex³ executive team to answer the questions their prospects may have; facilitating the understanding of the business and its benefits, which is crucial to ensure long-term success. 

Business benefits:

  • Demonstrate the value of services

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Create long-lasting client relationships


Social Media Clips

Growing their online presence to stay competitive in the digital era is a priority for Rex³. That is why we created social media campaigns using animated clips to highlight their services, the customer journey, and more. These videos raised their brand awareness and increased site traffic in just a matter of months.

Business benefits:

  • Grow online engagement

  • Increase brand visibility online

  • Promote services and capabilities

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