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We are Trifactor.

Your video marketing partner. 


Started: 2011


5211 NW 33rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL

(954) 533-1690


Latin America

Carrera 14 # 79 – 78
Oficina 503
Edificio Lagos 80
Bogotá, Colombia

+57 (1) 210 8596

Competencies: Digital Strategy, Growth Planning, Marketing Automation, Video Production, Storytelling, Sales Enablement, Creative Design & Brand Management, Hispanic Marketing


Promoting your business requires that you tell your story. Our videos help you do that. 

Trifactor is an inbound marketing agency that creates strategic videos to power your company's growth and help it reach new heights. Nestled in the Fort Lauderdale area, our staff creates amazing videos in English and Spanish.

Our Core Values

As a video-centered digital marketing agency, we strive for our ideas and creative flair to be reflected in the end-product. These values shape the quality of our product and generate results our clients have come to expect. We entrust that all team members and collaborators hold each of our values true in everything we do. 



Our Mission 

To help companies grow by merging creative design, digital, and video solutions across all areas of their business.


Our Vision

To be known as the multicultural agency leading with innovative thinking, top-notch creative content, and technology solutions that help our clients differentiate themselves as they grow.


Always tell the truth.

We're honest with ourselves about our capabilities and remain committed to create results. We will never do anything to jeopardize or harm our working relationship with our clients. And we will never over promise and under deliver. We always do what we say we will do, and measure everything so we know what we can improve. We promise to be keen on how our work represents our client's brand and our reputation. We're honest about the time we spend on our projects and are eager to help our clients get to the next step.


Have a positive attitude.

We're warm with others and create an environment where everyone feels welcomed. We never talk down to others or think that we are better than someone else. We’re inclusive to all individuals, lifestyles, backgrounds and diverse perspectives. They enrich our team and make us more valuable. When working with a team, we maintain a positive tone and encourage others to bring out the best in themselves.


Work with passion.

We're constantly in tune with our passion to drive the best possible service to our clients and business partners. If we're tired or running out of energy on a project, we always tap into our passion to get to the finish line. Passion drives perseverance, performance and results, so it’s important tap into our passion when work seems dull or tiresome.


Move projects forward. 

If we know something needs to get done, we do it. If we see a problem, we work to solve it by taking initiative. We're not afraid to our get hands dirty, and we never pass up an opportunity to do something better or learn something new. We treat our clients as our own business, and consider closing tasks in a timely manner using the tools available to us. We're prepared for meetings and add value by tapping into our experience and unique skills.


Produce quality work.

We always think about how we can make things better. We think with our professional layer before turning in a deliverable. That means we double and triple-check our work and strive to remain informed on the latest trends or skills to get the job done. We use our shared knowledge and expertise to produce quality work so that our clients can accomplish exceptional things. That's possible by always finding ways to add value by going above and beyond to impress our clients time and time again.

Figure it out first.

Since we support high level executives and their strategies, it’s important that we’re confident about the subject matter before we make recommendations. If we’re suggesting something we aren’t sure about, we're taught to take a step back and ask for more time to develop a response. Before asking for help, try to figure things out on your own first. Usually, you'll stumble upon something new and will be better equipped to help others when the time is right.