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Kitchen Tune-Up Case Study

Empowering Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees with tailored video solutions for impactful marketing success.



Client Case Study 
Sarah Eisenbeisz
Marketing Director
Kitchen Tune-Up
Trifactor partnered with Kitchen Tune-Up to revolutionize their franchise video strategy, creating a centralized video store exclusively for "Tunnies" (KTU franchisees). This innovative platform enables franchisees to access a wide array of video content for advertising purposes, empowering them to effectively promote their businesses. Additionally, franchisees have the flexibility to purchase personalized videos tailored to their specific needs and objectives across various categories.
This bespoke approach ensures that each franchisee can leverage high-quality video content to enhance their marketing efforts and drive business growth. By providing a comprehensive video solution, Trifactor is empowering Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees to showcase their unique value propositions and connect with customers in meaningful ways.

Our Approach:

  • Collaborative platform development.
  • Customized content offerings.
  • Personalization options.
  • Accessibility and convenience.
  • Ongoing support and optimization.

Ongoing Results:

  • Increased accessibility to high-quality video content for franchisees.
  • Improved marketing effectiveness through personalized and targeted videos.
  • Enhanced brand consistency across franchise locations.
  • Streamlined processes for video procurement and utilization.
  • Continued support and optimization for sustained success.