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Trifactor Creative - Insurance Case Study NAENWAN

Insurance Industry

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, NAE/NWAN provides premiere services and products in the automotive, Powersport and RV industries.

Through various styles of videos, we make selling NAE's products simpler and more efficient. We use explainer and product announcement videos to break down the essence and value of a product or service, training videos to equip partners and employees to sell the product, and social media clips to expand reach. Watch these clips to learn more about how we do this.


Training Videos

Warranty Forever is NAE/NWAN's lifetime powertrain warranty, distributed through a partnership with dealers across the nation. In order to help the dealership employees understand the purpose of the program and the best way to sell it, we created a training video series to provide easy-to-access information at any time.

Business benefits:

  • Create efficient training processes

  • Make messages simple and consistent

  • Access training whenever, wherever


Explainer Videos

Sometimes products and services are not as clear cut as we may like them to be. For clients like NAE/NWAN, who deal with product topics involving a lot of nuances, the use of an explainer video can be the difference between generating a lead and missing out.

Business benefits:

  • Simplify complex concepts

  • Position the brand as an industry leader

  • Engage with target audience


Product Announcements

NAE/NWAN offers numerous products that provide specialty services like DetectIt. In order to help consumers understand these products, we leverage the power of video to create clear and exciting messages.

Business benefits:

  • Catch the attention of potential customers

  • Generate excitement about products and services

  • Expand the reach of the brand's message

Social Media Ads

Video ads are well-known tools that help companies drive their message to consumers and motivate the purchase decision. They perform better on social media than any other type of format, which is why we leverage them to strengthen Warranty Forever's online presence.

Business benefits:

  • Reach wider audiences 

  • Generate leads on various platforms

  • Keep messages consistent across different media

Trifactor Creative - Insurance Case Study NAENWAN