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Wild Birds Unlimited Case Study

Engaging video content designed to appeal to the ideal franchise investor.

Client Case Study 
Paul Picket - Audrey Klein
Chief Development Officer - Marketing Specialist
Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc

Trifactor collaborated with Wild Birds Unlimited to develop a targeted video system aimed at boosting franchise sales. Together, our goal was to create a series of videos featuring the company's founder and CEO, showcasing the business model to potential franchisees. By using the funnel concept, we tailored the video content to meet the specific informational needs of prospects at different stages of the acquisition process.
Our objective was clear: to provide relevant information to guide prospects through the funnel and ultimately drive franchise sales. Through this strategic partnership, Trifactor and Wild Birds Unlimited aimed to create a more streamlined and effective approach to franchise marketing.

Our Approach:

  • Refining Wild Birds Unlimited's messaging to highlight key benefits and address potential concerns.
  • Anticipating and addressing objections proactively in the video content.
  • Utilizing advanced video production techniques to create engaging content.
  • Providing comprehensive support throughout the process, from strategy to execution.
  • Leveraging tools to advise the best placements for the video to maximize views and performance.

Ongoing Results:

  • Increased engagement and interest from prospects.
  • Higher conversion rates from leads to franchise sales.
  • Enhanced brand perception and industry leadership.
  • Data-driven optimization for maximum impact.
  • Scalability for future growth and expansion.