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Franchise Sales Video System

When video drives your sales process, you spend more time speaking to the right people at the right time.


Value Proposition

A value proposition video shows prospects why your company is worth their time and money. It highlights your key differentiators, products and services offered in addition to the industry and market opportunity. The goal of this video moment is to encourage people to sign up and start their discovery process. To influence prospects to take action, it is common to use a top executive to explain the model in a convincing way and show the service and support they can expect.

Business benefits:

  • Pitch your franchise in under three minutes or less

  • Increase customer perceived value

  • Modernize communication style

  • Differentiate the brand from competitors


Day in a Life Videos 

In this emotional video, we show the world what it's like to walk in the shoes of your target buyer persona. Trifactor's Day in a Life video moments involve a few prep calls to uncover a compelling story and then a full day of filming around multiple sets and various locations. Supporting footage may also involve other characters who help tell the full scope of their story. It also ends with a motivational component aimed at connecting your brand with the appropriate buyer persona.

Business benefits:

  • Attract similar franchise leads

  • Give franchisees the ability to sell your franchise

  • Motivate prospects to take action in the validate stages


Curated Testimonials

Trifactor's testimonials require an onsite shoot and are typically under two minutes. Normally they feature one subject matter expert, but a Curated Testimonial combines the story of 3-4 individuals to tell a cohesive story that can be used for remarketing ads on social media, YouTube, or on key landing pages on your website. Testimonials give others objective insight before taking the next step. They focus on highlighting a positive experience and create credibility for your franchise. Anyone can be in a testimonial such as strategic partners, employees, clients, and franchisees, for example.

Business benefits:

  • Boost credibility in a stylist way

  • Encourage prospects to consider moving forward in the sales process

  • Highlight your best attributes


Qualifying Moment Videos

This video asset is very "one-to-one," so it can connect with your buyer in a meaningful way. Publish this video asset on a well thought-out landing page and let the video qualify or disqualify leads for you. By pairing a great script and a top-level executive, you can articulate in detail how your business model works and who is a good fit. By focusing on the major points of distinction, you can generate more educated, and qualified leads prior to having your sales team follow up.

Business benefits:

  • Make your sales process more efficient 

  • Disqualify leads who don't have the right characteristics 

  • Spend time speaking to the right leads