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Signal Case Study

Revamped Signal's operations, optimizing their HubSpot portal, enhancing online presence, and streamlining video processes, resulting in increased efficiency and sustained success.



Client Case Study 
Josie DeVault
Partner Brand Experience Senior Manager
Our partnership with Signal as HubSpot Experts signifies a strategic move forward post-brand refresh. Acknowledging the necessity for a refined marketing approach, Signal entrusted us with the task of understanding their existing buyer personas. Leveraging this understanding, we curated compelling videos and tailored landing pages that resonated with Signal's target audience. However, the crux of our involvement lay in the segmentation of Signal's HubSpot portal. This involved a meticulous process of splitting the portal between sales and franchise development, ensuring a more efficient workflow tailored to Signal's specific operational needs. This undertaking showcased our technical prowess and adaptability in implementing crucial infrastructural changes. It underscored Trifactor's commitment to not only understanding our clients' marketing dynamics but also facilitating operational enhancements that drive tangible results.

Our Approach:

  • Conducted in-depth analysis of Signal's existing buyer personas.
  • Utilized insights from buyer personas to inform the creation of compelling videos and tailored landing pages.
  • Implemented segmentation of Signal's HubSpot portal between sales and franchise development.
  • Meticulously transferred contacts, workflows, and pipelines to ensure seamless transition.
  • Demonstrated technical expertise and adaptability in implementing infrastructural changes.
  • Emphasized practical solutions that address specific operational needs and drive tangible results.

Ongoing Results:

  • Franchise development sales team operates more efficiently with the new portal.
  • Accurate insights and dashboards cater to various internal stakeholders' informational needs.
  • Website and landing pages are performing well and integrated with automated email campaigns.
  • Streamlined processes for video procurement and utilization enhance efficiency.
  • Continued support and optimization ensure sustained success over time.