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Trifactor Creative - Health Care Case Study Mind & Mobility


Health Care Industry

Mind & Mobility Home Care & Therapy Centers is a growing healthcare provider, offering in-home care and therapy across South Florida. Their holistic approach to treatment helps patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, as well as other ailments. This innovative home health agency was looking to become a media-driven company and called for strategic video marketing to position them as a leader in home health care − that's where we came in.


Company Videos

Mind & Mobility realized the necessity for video even in their early stages, when their first and only company video showcased the founder, staff, and patients during a typical day at their therapy center. We revamped that video to highlight the Mind & Mobility innovative methods to treat patients, while acknowledging the role of their medical team in fulfilling the company's mission.

Business benefits:

  • Showcase the company's philosophy

  • Highlight the team's level of expertise

  • Enhance brand equity


Informative Videos

To lead in today’s digitally driven era, companies are moving away from purely promotional messages to offer content that adds value. Education was the driving force behind each of our projects, from videos offering tips to cope with Parkinson’s, to signs and symptoms to look for when detecting a diagnosis in the early stages.

Business benefits:

  • Add value to clients and prospects

  • Position brand as an industry expert

  • Boost your SEO and visibility online


Storytelling Videos

Mind & Mobility found valuable not only to promote their health services online but also to offer a deeper look at their staff and client success stories. With storytelling videos, the brand connected viewers to the company in a more meaningful, human way.

Business benefits:

  • Strengthen brand loyalty

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Humanize the business


Facebook Video Ads

Mind & Mobility is strategically located in one of the largest senior and retirement communities in the country, and they needed to leverage their business online. Facebook video ads allowed Mind & Mobility to directly target the families and children of seniors in need of an in-home caregiver and other healthcare services.

Business benefits:

  • Tap into market potential

  • Target more qualified leads

  • Grow online presence

Trifactor Creative - Health Care Case Study Mind & Mobility