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Team Overview

Great execution starts with a great team.

Meet Trifactor: a talented group of creatives that join our love of video, design and digital marketing to help you execute with style.

Trifactor Creative Team - Hugo Tabares

Hugo Tabares

Co-founder, VP of Client Services 

Hugo is well versed in all stages of video production, with a focus on delivering the best experience to our clients. With more than 20 years in the media realm, Hugo tells the stories of many major brands in both the U.S. and Latin American markets.

Trifactor Creative Team - Joel Wilcoxson

Joel Wilcoxson

Co-founder, VP of Creative Services

Joel’s 15 years of experience in TV production, design, and mograph is at work to make our clients’ vision come to life. He ensures our video is on-message, results-driven, and visually stunning. He guarantees all roadmaps meet our strict creative standards.

Trifactor Creative Team - Emmanuel Trenche

Emmanuel Trenche, MBA

Partner, VP of Strategy & Agency Operations

As a communications maven, steadfast entrepreneur, and professional doer, Emmanuel leads the strategic growth plans of Trifactor and our clients. With over 10 years of VP-level marketing experience, he's driven by creating and executing business plans that generate results.

Trifactor Creative Team - Diego Nieto

Diego Nieto

Director of Finance & Operations

Diego helps the business operate smoother at our U.S. and Colombia offices. He manages our finances and internal operations, placing emphasis on workflow optimization by developing online programs to keep the team in sync.

Trifactor Creative Team - Marcela Pérez

Marcela Pérez

Talent Acquisition & Engagement Manager

With her passion in the HR field and in developing people, Marcela is in charge of making sure we get through our door the best talent and keeping our people safe and sound. She is person-oriented and ensures that everyone who ever contacts us gets the most amazing experience by building cutting-edge recruitment and engagement solutions.

Trifactor Creative Team - Dina Friedman

Dina Friedman

Business Development Director

With 20 years of driving explosive growth in marketing, Dina’s superpowers include: Strategic Video Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Sales, and Business Development for Franchisors, SaaS companies & Luxury Brands.

Trifactor Creative Team - Mike McAfee-1

Mike McAfee

VP Sales

Mike brings a passion for sales and marketing to Trifactor having served in several senior-level positions at The Wall Street Journal and American City Business Journals.  In addition, Mike has successfully ventured into the entrepreneurial market as a franchise owner for Clean Juice, an organic juice bar, and founder of Hanging Pants Media, a media buying company focused on outdoor and place-based media.

Trifactor Creative Team - Andrew R. Mejia

Andrés "Andrew" R. Mejía

Head of Production

Andrew is a data-driven marketer that has had experience working on the client and agency side, this has helped him understand all the needs and pains that a campaign might have, from leadership, creativity, marketing, planning, ATL, BTL, and digital media. His experience has helped him understand how several kinds of productions work in order to plan accordingly.

Stephen 1-ANIMATION (1)

Stephen Nuñez

Digital Marketing Account Director

With nearly a decade of integrated digital media and visual production experience, spanning many industries, company sizes, and objectives, Stephen brings his passion for emerging technologies, data, campaign strategy, and the creative process (his favorite part) to be a champion for Trifactor's clients. He takes pride in making Trifactor's clients feel like he's an in-house teammate. 

Trifactor Creative Team - Daniela Bogotá

Daniela Bogotá

Digital Project Manager

Daniela makes sure that all our digital projects run smoothly. Her experience in the marketing and communication field has helped her to have a profound knowledge of how to communicate and get the right message to the right people. With her incredible organization, attention to detail, and communication skills, Dani ensures that we deliver our quality signature to all our clients.

Trifactor Creative Team - Alejandra Bossio

Alejandra Bossio

Digital Marketing Manager

An industrial designer by profession and strategist at heart, with over 6 years of experience in strategy planning, data analysis, implementation of digital campaigns, and content creation, she comes up with ideas that generate emotions by exploring functionality, concept, and communication to make the marketing plan not only different but better.

Trifactor Creative Team - Reinaldo Guerrero

Ray Guerrero

Executive Producer, Latin America Division

An expert in video production and cinematography, Reinaldo leads the video-making process in Latin America. Reinaldo’s 15+ years of experience brings ideas to life in the most captivating way possible.

Trifactor Creative Team - Camila Fuquene

Camila Fuquene

Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Camila honors our promise to deliver quality video by using best-in-class motion graphics and strategic 2D animation in client projects. Her 7+ years of graphic design experience adds an interesting dynamic to each video, surpassing our clients’ expectations every time. 

Trifactor Creative Team - Tatiana Solano

Tatiana Solano

Motion Graphics Designer

Tatiana is a young passionate and talented mographer. She has worked with brands such as Reebok, Barbie, Asics, and Jack Daniels among others. She’s also a visual artist/VJ and her distinctive graphics have taken the glances at festivals like Sonar Bogota, Estereo Picnic, and Rock Al Parque.

Trifactor Creative Team - Diana Cerón

Diana Cerón

Senior Video Editor

With over five years of experience in interactive content creation, from commercial, VR, AR, and educational content. Diana always has motion design innovation and creativity in her sights, bringing the message to the correct audience.

Trifactor Creative Team - Vesko Urukov

Vesko Urukov

Digital Media Executive

Vesko is our Digital Media Executive with a passion for joining art, tech and business. Whether it’s running video campaigns on social media or analyzing ad success – he is the man with the plan.

Trifactor Creative Team - Andres Martinez

Andres "Pipé" Martinez

Senior Videographer

Andres, who goes by “Pipé," is one of our top videographers. His drone-operating skills and creative eye are what make so many of our clients coming back for more.

Trifactor Creative Team - John Carrero

John Carrero

Finance and Administration Assistant

John is everyone's right hand, from Finance, accounting, and HR he is always there to support the team. He excels at organizational skills, knows how to manage time well, and has superb attention to detail which makes him key in process improvement. Aside from his administration experience, he brings humor and an approachable personality to the LATAM office.

Trifactor Creative Team - Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva

Client Services Consultant

Thiago is a natural-born problem solver keeping our 200+ clients and agency relevant online, around the clock. He is the digital developer and code aficionado always lending a helping hand. Basically, he’s a wizard with data and video marketing.