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Trifactor Creative - Hispanic Market Case Study Costamar


Hispanic Marketing - Travel Industry

Costamar Travel has been a leading travel agency in South America for almost 40 years. Winner of the World Travel Awards for five consecutive years, the company has used our videos for TV ads, billboards and online broadcasts in major markets in the USA, as well as throughout their core markets in South America.

For the past years, we have created sleek motion graphics and Spanish voice-over work that speak to the diverse and multicultural communities they serve. Keep scrolling down to discover how we meet the marketing needs of this international brand.


Broadcast Advertising

Most of the video we produce for Costamar Travel is for international advertising campaigns, airing in major U.S. and LATAM markets. From TV ads to digital billboards in Time Square, we have grown their business by modernizing the look and feel of their travel promotions, but also taking their brand to mass market.

Business benefits:

  • Globalize the brand with TV campaigns

  • Translate the content to reach broader audiences

  • Effectively target the Latin American market


Event Recap Videos

As Costamar Travel celebrated their 35th year in business in an evening of food and fun, we were there to capture their milestone on camera. Their event recap video highlights the people who have worked to make the Costamar brand the major player in travel that is today.

Business benefits:

  • Humanize a customer-focused business

  • Boost brand reputation with milestone events

  • Highlight key employees and executive members


Testimonial Videos

Standing out in the travel industry is tough, but Costamar Travel knew their customer focus separated them from the rest. With client testimonials we effectively build trust among prospects and promote a positive brand image for the Costamar Travel business.

Business benefits:

  • Convert prospects into clients

  • Stand out from the competition

  • Build brand credibility and trust


Company Videos

Although Costamar Travel is a people-based business, the professionals they hire to meet their client’s needs are just as important. With company videos, we show the warm personalities and smiling faces of their travel agents to further drive their mission to be customer first.

Business benefits:

  • Highlight the team’s level of professionalism

  • Showcase the brand's quality standards

  • Help onboard new clients

Trifactor Creative - Hispanic Market Case Study Costamar