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Trifactor Creative - Spectrum of Video Centricity

Corporate Video Solutions

From messaging to onsite shoots, we got you covered.

In a world that is feeling more and more robotic, your business needs to find a way to connect on a human level and bring down costs across the board. Thankfully, there’s one tool that makes all of these things so much easier: Video.

With the right video marketing strategy, you can humanize your brand while still reaping the benefits of the digital landscape. No matter what area of your business you’re looking to improve, video can help you save money, time...

And get the results that you are looking for!


Consumer Social Ads

Don't be shy. Get social!

Last, but certainly not least, if you haven’t entered the world of social media yet, you need to make a business account. Like, yesterday. Additionally, if your social account isn’t leveraging video in its posts, then you’re missing a huge opportunity in digital marketing.

The truth is that video outperforms other content across all social platforms. The human brain is just attracted to that kind of dynamic content. So by creating social media clips that are designed to be engaging and optimized for the right channel, your business can become a social media powerhouse.

Social media clips are a powerful way to promote products, develop brand awareness and create a voice online. What’s great as well is that if planned correctly, you can get social media clips from videos that you already have!


Product Feature Videos

Explain the benefits to your buyers personas.  

Product features are great for introducing your product both old and new. If you’re launching a new product, then a video is basically a must to introduce it to your audience. This is your opportunity to explain the purpose of the product and why your audience needs it. A product video can also be great to reignite interest in your existing products and boost sales.

Product features give you the opportunity to concisely communicate the value you’re bringing to your customers. Depending on the strategy you use, a product video can even help establish credibility by using the commentary of experts. Take a look at this product video we created for Muscle Fuse Whey Isolate.



Training Programs

Show your audience how it's done and reduce costs.

One of the easiest ways to start saving money in all areas of your business is to leverage training videos across your departments. While we all know the value of properly onboarding new members of the company or reviewing new products and procedures, we also know that this process can be time-consuming. More than likely, your in-person training is taking valuable resources − your people!  away from other important aspects of the business.

Here’s an example of the type of video training that boosted NAE/NWAN's Warranty Forever University.



Let your customers do the selling.

Why say it yourself when your customers can state all the great things about your business for you?

Testimonials are a great way to increase sales because they don’t try to sell directly. In case you haven’t noticed, a large part of the digital audience doesn’t love the idea of being sold to. Instead, they want to know about your story. What makes you so great anyway? That’s why having the right people speak about their experience is so important.

Our testimonials have an organic feel to them. The interview style adds a layer of authenticity to your brand message. This, of course, helps your company appear trustworthy. We use testimonial videos for almost all of our clients. Do you have a client story you want to highlight?



Tell it like it is with style.

Explainer videos really are a weapon every company should have up their sleeve. The benefit to using explainer video is, you guessed it, the engagement factor. In what may take paragraphs upon paragraphs to explain, you can explain in a simple video in two minutes or less. It also makes it more likely that your audience will later convert into sales.

Explainer videos, like people and grandma’s cookies, come in all shapes and sizes, and that should be comforting since we can tailor explainer videos to fit your budgets and needs. You can choose between hiring talent, to just filming the product, to using stock footage. 


Webinar Experiences

Intrigue your audience into the sales funnel.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, customers or potential leads can watch your company’s webinar from anywhere in the world.

Webinars give you an edge because you have the option to pre-record them. While we obviously want seminars to feel natural, choosing to pre-record can help make the presentation feel more polished, ensuring that you’re hitting all the key points. The presenter can then hold a Q&A session with the audience after − or even during, depending on what platform you choose.

The option to save the recording allows anyone to access the webinar at any time. This gives a tremendous value to your audience because it means they don’t necessarily have to be available when the presentation goes live. 



Advertise and win new customers online.


When you hear about video marketing, you may instinctively think about tv commercials. And that’s great. We all love the classics. But thankfully, your video marketing plan can employ both commercials and video advertisements online.

Have you been on YouTube lately? Have you ever noticed that the advertisements you see before whatever Cat Video you're waiting to watch is either very similar or the same as advertisements you see on TV?

That’s because commercials aren’t just limited to traditional broadcast channels anymore. Once we understand your brand’s purpose and needs we can help you identify where your commercials should be placed to get the best ROI.


Convention Videos

Impress everyone with videos that steal the show.

Video has multiple places at your next convention, depending on the role your company is playing.

If you have a booth, video poses the perfect opportunity to attract people by leveraging a video to play at your station, likely with large graphics and visuals. However, if your company is holding the convention, your potential for video is more massive.

You can use video to excite attendees before the event and to make presentations more engaging. We recently redefined the typical convention experience with Cruise Planners for their annual CPCon. We created a series of videos for them to use throughout the event to help them excite and communicate with the audience. Check it out!


Investor Videos

Pitch em' with video and seal the deal.

We all know the importance of the initial investment pitch. You only have a few seconds to bring in the attention of your potential investors before they’ll decide whether your company is worth the capital. Presentation is everything.

Video is what can help reel in the attention of investors and keep it there. With a well-crafted script that catches the attention of an investor within the first 10 seconds of the video, your company can then explain all of the value you add to the market in a way that continues to be engaging. Using video also ensures that your messaging is always consistent and on point. No need to worry about fudging a line or forgetting key points during a live presentation.


Video Marketing Programs

Impact your entire organization with awesome video.

At Trifactor, we believe in the custom development of a video marketing program to fit your company’s business model. It essentially allows you to create videos that serve a purpose while accurately representing your brand’s essence. Videos that are effective, engaging, and, of course, on brand.

If your company is based on a franchise model, we highly recommend creating a video marketing program to support the franchise network. One of the largest examples we have is the CP Video Network, a program we created in partnership with the nation’s largest home-based travel franchise, Cruise Planner.


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