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Laura Quevedo

Senior Graphic Designer

Laura received her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma City, OK. After graduating and building her experience and portfolio as a graphic designer and photographer, she decided to pursue continued education and got her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Communications at IMF Business School located in Madrid, Spain.

Alongside her experience in the digital world, Laura has a continued love of print media and has worked in several publications that kept her on her creative toes. Laura has directly worked for clients in a wide array of industries and cultures from around the world. This has expanded her vision as a designer and has built her character as a professional.

She has worked closely in the sports industry and the educational field, always finding fulfillment in executing creative projects that challenge her.

“I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.” - Henri Matisse

Out of the office, you can find Laura immersed in the worlds of handmade fashion and photography. She’s a hippie soul who loves her dogs more than anything in the world.