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Male Voiceover Talent

Ask us how we've helped other brands differentiate themselves.



From relaxed and conversational all the way to revved up retail reads



I've been a full-time voice actor for almost 10 years and I couldn't be happier with the career that chose me. 



Throughout my career, I've lent my voice to many local, regional, national, and international projects... from commercials to narrations, e-learning modules to on-hold. 



Play a purple dinosaur most of the time. No, really. I am the voice of Barney the Dinosaur. Have also voiced thousands of commercials for clients like AT&T, Vonage, eSurance, Walt Disney Company, etc.



Versatile style and range from soft and sexy smooth to hard and gritty cover the spectrum. Local, Regional, National and International. 



As a veteran of broadcast and multimedia production Erik is very confident in his ability to deliver a professional product.



Fun, Friendly, Energetic, Hip, Warm and Trusting.All words to describe Eugene's Vocal Style. A style that will draw listeners in and leave them wanting more. Radio and Television Commercials, Trailers, Promos, Narrations, On-Hold Messaging, Industrial or E-Learning, Eugene brings an amazing amount of talent to your project with over 25 years experience.



I am NOT able to do any kind of National Spots. The only types of spots I am able to deliver on are LOCAL spots. For example, Local Restaurants, Local Car Dealers, Local Furniture, Local Education, Etc.




I am a National level VO talent. You can hear me as the radio promo voice for television show MTYH BUSTERS. As well as PROACTIV, Radio Shack, AXS TV, SPIKE TV, Food Network.



Paul is one of the premier non-union voices working in the industry today. With loads of National credits, Paul has lent voice to such diverse clients as The PGA, Mattel, Dish Network, Sacred Heart Hospitals, Best Buy, Intel, Walmart, and Toyo Tires to name a few.



Versatile. Passionate. I focus as much on delivering professionalism and high quality audio as I do on delivering a voiceover you can be proud of. 


Spanish VO talent

For your Spanish projects, we offer the services of a versatile and passionate voiceover talent. My commitment extends beyond delivering professionalism and high-quality audio – I am dedicated to providing a voiceover that you can take pride in.