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Voice Over Talent

Do you love doing voice overs & being creative?


We’re looking for a voice over talent that is reliable and swift in project turnaround. The primary role of the Voice Over Talent is to deliver quality audio that meets our varied needs. The success of this role will be determined by the timeliness of project turnaround and their ability to meet our client needs.

Education & Basic Qualifications:

  • Friendly, professional and reliable
  • Provide a swift turnaround on projects (within 24 hours)
  • Access to a recording studio and related equipment
  • Minimum of 1-year experience as a professional voice over
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • English speaking, multilingual a bonus (not required)
Skills & Abilities:
  • Deliver quality work that meets our client’s needs and agency standards.
  • Be easy to reach and have the courtesy to follow up with our team if there is a potential delay in project submissions.
  • Provide revisions when requested and in a timely fashion, remaining within budget.
  • Deliver samples for inquiries before being accepted for a project.
  • Be resourceful by referring talent who can meet our client’s needs for a particular inquiry.
  • Research unfamiliar terminology or subjects to ensure proper delivery.

Voice over artist need to submit demo reel in order to be considered.

Submit several versions, or takes, to avoid delays in the production process.

Pay Range: $100 - $450 per read, depending on the client and use. 

Job Type:
Temporary to permanent contract

Work remotely from anywhere in the world

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