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Alejandra Bossio


When you talk about ads on digital platforms, you are talking about Alejandra; she has extensive experience building multi-channel digital strategies; she is the one who creates and manages campaigns for digital platforms working closely with clients, understanding them deeply, their needs and expectations to build high-performing digital campaigns.

Alejandra graduated as a Bachelor Industrial Designer at Universidad El Bosque in Bogota, Colombia, and then fell madly in love with digital marketing, a field where she has over 6 years of experience; She has an integral background that gave her the ability to develop everything about marketing while enjoying it deeply. Alejandra will be the person who will always present you with a strategy behind a deliverable.

I believe that an innovation-driven strategy turns creative ideas into profitable opportunities for brands.

Born in Cartagena, raised in Bogotá and a lover of visiting new places. You can probably find her reading an interesting book or planning her next adventure.