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Daniel Gómez

Marketing & Sales Support

Daniel is a highly motivated sales professional with a proven track record of success in the BPO industry. With 2 years of experience in customer engagement, he is an expert at educating customers about product features and has a natural ability to build rapport and establish trust. His approach to sales is centered around putting the customer first, which he attributes as the key to his success.

In addition to his sales skills, Daniel is bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English, which enables him to connect with a diverse range of customers. As a lifelong learner, Daniel is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business at San Ignacio University and a Bachelor of International Business at EAN University. He is optimistic and enthusiastic about his future career prospects and is eager to continue growing and developing as a sales professional.

“Enjoy the journey” 

Daniel is a musicophile (toda una rockola) who enjoys going out and dancing. He is a huge Lakers fan and brings a fun and energetic spirit to everything he does.