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Video Marketing for Franchise Systems

As a franchisor, you’re always looking for ways to better support your franchisees. This may include streamlining onboarding and training programs, promoting locations and, ultimately, improving service and sales across your markets. Thankfully, we can accomplish all of this with the power of video. Video content makes it easier than ever before to engage your audience and meet your goals. It also provides powerful analytic tools to understand viewer behavior and fine tune any business strategy, marketing campaign or learning program.

Years of experience working with franchises of all sizes and industries allows Trifactor to understand the franchise systems and provide video solutions that truly impact growth. Learn how you can begin leveraging video across your franchise right below.





Franchise Sizzle Videos

Video content can make attracting new investors and franchisees quick and easy. It allows for powerful testimonials that portray what makes your franchise unique, and compelling case study videos that showcase your business successes in the past.

Commercials, explainers, sales webinars, and social media ads all serve a purpose while accurately representing your brand’s essence. And driving leads to qualifying videos streamline the prospect evaluation process, saving time, money and human resources.

If a video can make or break your sales strategy, consider a complete video gallery.

Business benefits:

  • Increase franchise sales and bring on new investors

  • Simplify the sales pitch with calculated messages

  • Qualify or disqualify prospects

Revamp Your Training Programs

Video training programs that streamline onboarding and even product training are great to cut costs across your company. With the right program overviews, training modules and how-to videos not only will you guarantee that new franchise members or employees are being trained with consistent messaging, but you will also be able to reallocate your resources elsewhere.

Video training programs on web environments like the ones we developed for Warranty Forever, CarSaver and Q-Link, are easily scalable and can turn into powerful eLearning platforms that also ensure user learning.

Business benefits:

  • Allow access to training anywhere, anytime

  • Ensure clarity and consistency in the messages

  • Create more efficient training processes overall


Build Tailored Video Programs

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, we recommend a tailored video program in partnership with Trifactor, where we can help you create a fully customizable video marketing program, and even the ecommerce platform, that operate collaboratively with your franchisees to help them promote their business at the local market level, and in a brand consistent way.

Expand franchise support like the # 1 low-cost travel franchise, Cruise Planners, and its CP Video Network.

Business benefits:

  • Provide another layer of support to franchisees

  • Leverage a completely customizable experience

  • Ensure marketing is immersive and on brand


Promote Your Franchisees

If you want to grow brand awareness to benefit your franchise network, video is the way to go. Video marketing done right can help you support your franchisees with eye-catching digital signages, location features, in-store loops and video ads that allow you not only to showcase the business, but to promote specific franchise locations, and their products and services.

Business benefits:

  • Build brand awareness

  • Increase sales across the franchise network

  • Highlight products and services


Enhance Your Internal Communications

If you aim to ensure the effectiveness of communication within your franchise network, add video to your internal communications plan. With company culture and brand story videos you can empower everyone to work collaboratively towards common goals. Onboarding videos and sales webinars also help you communicate with and educate your team with clarity and consistency. These videos are exactly what your franchise needs to get people excited about your mission.

Business benefits:

  • Promote effective communications within the team

  • Create a sense of purpose across different markets

  • Bring the unique features of the work culture to life


Promote Your Events

Video is key to level up your events, no doubt about it. Whatever your needs are − before, during and after the big day −, there’s always a video that’s right for them. Attract the largest audience possible and build hype prior to the occasion with promo videos. Sizzle openers, speaker intros and themed video content are a great way to welcome attendees, introduce your speakers, and get the crowd excited while your event is taking place. And even after it has passed, make the most of your investment with video recaps that highlight the most memorable moments.

Business benefits:

  • Reach and engage wide audiences

  • Enhance speaker presentations

  • Showcase what the franchise has to offer

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