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Technology Industry

With variable costs, labor, revenue and a product that spoils, keeping a restaurant profitable is no small feat. MarginEdge is a SaaS Solution which gives Restaurant Operators control of the complexity of their unique business locations with real-time insights that help maintain profitability and streamline operations. We used video to explain the benefits of the solution, not only from the corporate perspective, but from the perspective of real life restaurateurs who've benefits from incorporating this tech solution, driving incredible, trackable brand lift in the process. 


Tripled Ad Efficiency With Video!

MarginEdge had a need for engaging prospects in an impactful way. Video solved that problem! Hear Tara Clever of MarginEdge's perspective on the power of video.


Day in a Life Videos

Tech companies increasingly use video to demonstrate how their products work and MarginEdge's many benefits needed to be conveyed in a simple, yet impactful way. We gathered statements from real restaurateurs paired with compelling motion graphics to market the simplicity and benefits of their SaaS solution in a real-life setting using several short videos like these:

Business benefits:

  • Educate prospects on services

  • Quickly highlight product benefits

  • Distinguish the brand from competitors


How It Works

To build credibility in the market, MarginEdge Co-Founders Bo Jones and Roy Phillips took it upon themselves to tell the MarginEdge inception story, and explain the benefits and functionality of their SaaS solution sharing their own experiences as seasoned restaurant operators to justify the value that MarginEdge "brings to the table".

Business benefits:

  • Build credibility in the early stages

  • Generate leads and sales

  • Humanize the brand


Recruitment Videos

As the Tech/SaaS Industry continues to expand, attracting and retaining qualified talent is an industry growing pain that video can certainly ease! As a token of appreciation, MarginEdge allowed for us to produce a recruitment video for one of their esteemed clients, Skopos Hospitality.

Business benefits:

  • Attract The Right Prospects

  • Build Company Culture

  • Retain Candidates



Case Study

When a proven SaaS solution hits the market, it's common for white-label iterations to be developed,  benefitting operational partners with a no-hassle solution that drives results and streamlines processes. With proper planning & execution, we can develop multiple iterations of your user case study to assist your third-party partners & re-sellers with quality, branded video content like this example.

Business benefits:

  • Boost and control your affiliate marketing message

  • Provide a turn-key marketing solution for your partners

  • Maintain quality