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We help technology companies scale with video.

Although the world has adapted to the use of technology in our everyday lives, technology can oftentimes be a very complex thing to explain, and even more difficult to train and onboard new employees & end users. With so many applications and technical elements to account for, it takes a powerful video to present and explain the value that innovative technology can bring to the table.  Luckily for you, Trifactor has extensive experience in developing compelling stories that speak directly to the ideal buyer personas that various tech solutions are geared to benefit.     


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Product Launch Videos

Tech companies increasingly use video to demonstrate how their products work and CarSaver knew that from the start. We used actors and motion graphics to market their brand personality, app features, and unique buying experience in several short videos like this one.

Business benefits:

  • Educate prospects on services

  • Quickly highlight product benefits

  • Distinguish the brand from competitors




Case Study Videos 

Since MarginEdge was uniquely developed to serve the Restaurant industry, we saw an opportunity to establish credibility by sharing their customer success stories directly from restaurant owners. We filmed testimonials across the USA to emphasize the convenience and the and value of the tech solution.

Business benefits:

  • Build credibility in the early stages

  • Generate leads and sales

  • Humanize the brand



App Explainer Videos

App Explainer Videos provide an extensive, informative experience for users or potential users and help reinforce the value of your software solution while visually educating prospects by showing them unique use-case scenarios. Drive more downloads and increase user engagement by showing viewers how it’s done!

Business benefits:

  • Increase User Confidence & Mitigate FAQ's

  • Showcase The User Experience

  • Reinforce Value While Educating Users





Company Culture Videos

Another challenge companies face is defining and articulating their unique company culture. For RGC, a LATAM-based technology company focused on the Health Sector, video solved that, and allowed for the company to bridge language & cultural gaps. We created a series of culture videos to showcase the people behind the mobile application.

Business benefits:

  • Promote positive company culture

  • Build trust among prospects

  • Showcase qualified, driven staff & partnerships



How To Videos

As more technologies are developed to help fulfill more complex, specific needs or functions, How To Videos like this example developed for Linqto can prepare prospects to get the most out of your software-based solution!

Business benefits:

  • Educate Prospects On Key Use-Cases

  • Showcase ease of use

  • Prompt sales & engagement 




Product Showcase Videos

Simply put, a Product Showcase Video allows for you to show off your tech solution or application's features to entice consumers to try it out for themselves. It's an opportunity to really showcase why your solution's approach is different!

Business benefits:

  • Establish Key Differentiators Between You & Your Competition

  • Build User Confidence Pre & Post Sale

  • Reinforce Value While Educating Users


Point-Of-Sale Videos

Since CarSaver integrated with Walmart Superstores across the USA, we helped them use video to leverage in-store foot traffic and stand out from the competition. We created videos in various formats for their kiosks and website that have been repurposed for their social media, landing pages, and ads.

Business benefits:

  • Grow online presence

  • Promote services effectively

  • Boost leads and sales

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