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How Aussie Pet Mobile's Recruitment Video Funnel Attracted Talented Groomers

4/25/24 10:15 AM

If you’re a pet lover, you understand the bond between humans and furry friends runs deep. But what if your love for pets could become your next career opportunity? That’s what Aussie Pet Mobile was looking to convey in their hunt for compassionate, independent, and loving pet groomers to support their pet-grooming mobile franchise network. So Trifactor set out to help attract, engage, and convert the right candidates for the job. 


Strategic Storytelling:  Using a Journalistic Approach 

Recruitment is no walk in the park, especially when you’re looking for groomers who not only adore animals but also possess the unique skills to work independently and operate a grooming van. Aussie Pet Mobile knew they needed something special to attract the right candidates, and that’s where we stepped in with creative video marketing. 

We devised a strategic master plan: using the compelling power of video to showcase the untold narratives of Aussie Pet Mobile's most dedicated groomers and the stars of their everyday enjoyment: the furry friends themselves. Our blueprint? A meticulously crafted social-first video funnel, where we segmented into the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, designed to captivate and enthrall varied audiences at every touchpoint with the video marketing campaign.

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Our Strategic, Creative Approach 

We handpicked a group of exceptional groomers in the Charlotte area and delved deep into their stories. Through thoughtful interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, we captured their genuine love for pets and showcased the unique bond they shared with each furry client.

The campaign, aptly titled "Working With Your Best Friends," became the heart of our narrative. We highlighted how these groomers saw pets not just as clients, but as cherished companions with distinct personalities, eager to be pampered by someone who genuinely gets them.

The key to our success lies in preserving the intimacy of the grooming process, so we immersed ourselves in the daily lives of the groomers, capturing moments of joy, messiness, and genuine connection between groomer and pet.

Social Reels Driving Traffic to High-Converting Landing Pages

Our strategy didn’t end with captivating videos at the top of the funnel. We strategically led candidates through the video to a landing page where they could explore the full story and learn about the benefits of working with Aussie Pet Mobile. From state-of-the-art technology to flexible schedules, we showcased the perks of joining the Aussie Pet Mobile family through the authentic voices of the groomers themselves.

Every element of the campaign, from the music track to the captions, was carefully chosen to evoke emotion and reflect Aussie Pet Mobile’s brand essence. We wanted candidates to feel the passion and fun that comes with working in such a unique and fulfilling role.

The results spoke for themselves. Aussie Pet Mobile saw an influx of highly qualified candidates, thanks to our emotionally-driven video marketing campaign. By tapping into the heart of what makes their job special, we were able to attract individuals who shared their love for pets and possessed the skills needed to excel in the role.

In the end, our partnership with Aussie Pet Mobile was more than just a successful recruitment drive. It was a celebration of the deep bond between humans and animals and a reminder of the joy that comes from turning your passion into a fulfilling career.

Ale Bossio
Written by Ale Bossio

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