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Elevating Conventions with Visual Storytelling: Wild Birds Unlimited's 40-Year Celebration

5/29/24 7:02 AM

Conventions and conferences often risk becoming long, drawn-out affairs. But when Wild Birds Unlimited celebrated its 40th anniversary, they turned this notion on its head. Seeking to convey their profound impact on communities and their franchise network, they approached us to help tell their story in an engaging and immersive way. Scott Pryl, the VP of Communications, knew that traditional storytelling wouldn't cut it. That's where the power of video came in.

The Challenge: Engaging an Audience at Conventions

Traditionally, Wild Birds Unlimited would have franchisees share their experiences on stage. While impactful, this method can become repetitive. For their 40th anniversary convention, they decided to break the mold. They wanted to sprinkle video storytelling throughout the event to keep attendees engaged. These videos aimed to give the audience a window into local communities, showing them what life is like at different franchise locations, the customers they serve, and the passion behind owning a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise.

Capturing the Story

Creating these videos was a wonderful challenge. We traveled to various cities, delved into the success stories of different franchises, and discovered that the heart of their success lay in the customer experience. These weren't just stores selling bird food and supplies; they were hubs of community and passion.

One particularly memorable story came from Bill, a franchisee who shared a personal experience about finding a screech owl in his chicken coop. This encounter perfectly captured the unexpected joys of engaging with nature, a theme central to Wild Birds Unlimited's mission. Over 40 years, they've helped people fall in love with bird feeding and enjoy the present moment, whether alone or with loved ones.


The Power of Video

The videos we produced allowed convention attendees to see firsthand what was working for different franchises. They showcased effective sales techniques, customer interactions, and the creation of bird sanctuaries. Instead of merely talking about these aspects, the videos brought them to life. This approach kept the audience engaged and provided a richer, more immersive experience.

A Visionary Video from the President 

One of the standout pieces we created was a vision video featuring Jim Carpenter, the founder of Wild Birds Unlimited. We worked closely with Jim to craft a narrative that was motivating, inspiring, and dynamic. Our collaboration with their in-house video team ensured we captured the essence of his vision: to bring people and nature together through the joy of backyard bird feeding.

At the convention, this narrative resonated deeply. It focused on a growing community of bird enthusiasts making a difference across the United States. Through nature, we illustrated how connections are formed, helping people live in the present, cope with stress, and find peace amidst chaos.

Impact and Feedback

The feedback from our client was overwhelmingly positive. They felt it was one of the most exciting and engaging conventions they had ever hosted. Franchisees shared stories of how they’re impacting customers' lives, particularly those dealing with mental health challenges, by helping them develop bird sanctuaries in their backyards.

One of the unique products we highlighted was Bark Butter, available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited. This product attracts over 150 species of birds, which keeps customers coming back. The videos not only celebrated the product but also the joy it brings to bird lovers.

The Future of Conventions

Our work with Wild Birds Unlimited underscores the transformative power of video in elevating the quality of conventions. By blending traditional storytelling with dynamic video content, we created an engaging, immersive experience that resonated with attendees. Videos can transport audiences, bring stories to life, and create a lasting impact.

Ale Bossio
Written by Ale Bossio

Industrial designer turned marketing enthusiast. I love challenges and making things happen. When not shaping products, I'm shaping words on my posts, sharing every idea that crosses my mind.

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