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Bold Branding and Sweet Success featuring Image360 on Brand Snack

6/6/24 10:00 AM

Our Brand Snack host, Emmanuel Trenche, traveled across the country for this exciting new episode. As always, Brand Snack is your 10-minute break to enjoy our favorite snacks while engaging in bite-sized discussions with brands that people crave and love. Today, we visited Image360, a custom graphics, signage, and displays franchise with locations throughout the United States and Canada. We were thrilled to interview Jessica Eng, VP of Business Development for Alliance Franchise Brands, who played a crucial role in the implementation of the new Image360 brand.


A Sweet Start with Animal Crackers

What is a Brand Snack episode without the snacks? As always, we kick things off by chatting about our favorite treats. Jessica’s choice? The classic Animal Crackers. She described them as “underrated,” with the perfect blend of sweetness and crunch, evoking fond childhood memories, especially those spent with her grandmother.

The Birth of a Bold Brand

Transitioning from snacks to branding, Jessica shared the fascinating story behind Image360’s bold brand identity. Launched in 2013, Image360 was a strategic consolidation of several brands, aiming to represent the full spectrum of services offered, from quick turnarounds to strategic, consultative solutions. The goal was clear: to provide a holistic, 360-degree approach to their clients’ branding needs, from concept to execution.

The Power of the Logo

Image360's branding is distinguished by its striking logo. The use of bold, italicized fonts and vibrant colors not only grabs attention but also symbolizes movement, reflecting the dynamic and comprehensive solutions they offer. The circular design of the logo embodies the full-circle service Image360 provides, while the colorful arrows emphasize their innovative and bold approach to problem-solving.

Tagline: Bold Solutions, Exceptional Support

Jessica emphasized that every aspect of Image360's brand has been meticulously crafted to reflect their commitment to client success. From the bold font choice to the compelling slogan "Bold Solutions, Exceptional Support," every detail is designed to convey their dedication to excellence. This tagline encapsulates their approach, which focuses on providing innovative solutions and ensuring exceptional customer support at every interaction.

Every Detail Breathes the Brand

What sets Image360 apart is how deeply they have interiorized their brand. From the moment you step into any Image360 location, you are greeted with a consistent visual and experiential representation of their brand. Their offices, vehicles, and even employee uniforms are all designed to reflect their bold and dynamic identity. Every element, down to the smallest detail, breathes the brand ethos, ensuring that anyone interacting with Image360, whether client or employee, experiences the same core values and message.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

We also explored how Image360 maintains brand consistency across its over 130 locations. Whether it’s vehicle wraps, signage, or promotional materials, Image360 ensures a cohesive brand presence that local franchisees can adapt creatively within established guidelines. This balance of consistency and creativity allows each franchise to resonate deeply within their local communities while upholding the brand’s integrity.

The Role of Brand Guidelines

As the interview wrapped up, Jessica dropped a crucial nugget of wisdom for the branding world. She emphasized the pivotal role of brand guidelines in keeping a unified brand identity. These guidelines, she explained, act as creative guardrails, empowering franchisees to innovate while safeguarding the brand’s core message and visual identity.

The Importance of Strategic Branding

Image360’s journey underscores the power of strategic branding and consistent execution. A well-defined brand not only communicates what a company does but also builds trust and recognition among its audience. For Image360, every element of their brand, from the logo to the tagline, reinforces their commitment to delivering comprehensive, high-quality solutions to their clients.

In conclusion, Image360’s journey offers crucial insights for brands striving to elevate their identity and make a lasting impact. By upholding brand consistency while embracing local creativity, every franchise embodies the brand’s core values and strengths. Image360’s ability to infuse their brand into every aspect of their operations sets a formidable standard for others to emulate, making them a standard-bearer of excellence in the industry.

Thank you, Jessica Eng, for sharing Image360’s inspiring brand story with us. Stay tuned for more bite-sized brand discussions in our next episode of Brand Snack!

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