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Navigating the Data Maze: How Trifactor Transformed Signal's HubSpot Dashboards and Reporting

4/4/24 9:55 AM

Business requires strategic foresight and adaptability. Signal found themselves in a bit of a data blender. Thinking that using a single portal for franchise leads, franchisee info, and consumer leads was an efficient idea, they soon realized they had inadvertently created a data mixing pot that made tracking their franchise sales data feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. 



That was when Trifactor entered the fray. As we began working with Signal, it became apparent that a simple download-and-upload approach of data files wouldn't suffice. We recognized the need for a strategic overhaul for their HubSpot account and processes. It wasn't just about transferring data; it was also about crafting a tailored solution that would optimize efficiency and effectiveness for Signal's unique operational needs. This realization marked the beginning of a journey towards a more streamlined and impactful approach to managing their Fran Dev data.

Thinking out of the box: 

With innovation in mind, we delved into the intricacies of Signal's data mining needs. It wasn't just about moving data; it was about crafting a seamless reporting experience for top executives to better manage their HubSpot workflows and overall content marketing strategy. Our strategy focused on refining the sales funnel, starting with captivating landing pages customized for each target persona. These HubSpot landing pages served as gateways to Signal's world of opportunities, enticing potential franchisees with a glimpse of what could be. To ensure a smooth journey from interest to conversion, we integrated workflows, automated email campaigns, and more, all seamlessly tied to Signal's HubSpot portal. This strategic approach laid the groundwork for future success, with every piece of data finding its rightful place.

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Implementing Infrastructure Changes: Technical Knowhow in Action:

When we initiated discussions about the import process for all the franchise development data housed in Signal's old HubSpot portal, we encountered a significant challenge. It wasn't merely a matter of transferring contacts; we were dealing with a complex ecosystem of email threads, activities, linked deals, tasks, and multiple variables that needed to seamlessly transition to the new portal. However, as we delved deeper, we identified redundancies in lead statuses and deal stages, with many elements going unused. This realization prompted a pivot from our original plan. We embarked on a collaborative journey with Signal, working hand in hand to develop a custom API solution. This bespoke approach ensured that every piece of crucial information was transferred accurately and efficiently, without the risk of loss or mixing during the transition process.

The project spanned several months of careful planning and execution. We began by identifying the specific information, over 40,000 contacts with various details, that needed to move to the new system. Before the transition, it was crucial to update the old portal's Lead Statuses and deal stages to ensure accuracy during migration. We meticulously reviewed and updated outdated information to prevent any discrepancies. Meanwhile, we prepared the new portal by setting up workflows, automated emails, and properties to streamline the process. This thorough preparation ensured a smooth transition for Signal.

Getting closer to the migration: 

In the final stages leading up to the data migration, where two databases would be used instead of one, we conducted a series of training sessions with Signal's sales representatives to familiarize them with the new platform. During these sessions, we provided comprehensive guidance on the permissions associated with their accounts, walked them through the process of accepting invitations to access the new platform, and highlighted the most crucial aspect: the updated lead and deal statuses. We emphasized the importance of their feedback, as the ultimate goal was to enhance their workflow and overall experience. Their insights were invaluable in ensuring that the transition would ultimately make their lives easier and more efficient, underscoring our commitment to delivering a solution tailored to their needs.

Zero Hour:

As the scheduled migration date approached, we initiated the API functionality by transferring a test batch of 10 contacts to ensure seamless data transfer. Once we confirmed that everything was successfully transferred, we proceeded with the migration of the entire dataset, which included over 40,000 contacts and more than 1,000 active deals (with an additional 20,000 deals in various stages). It didn’t always transfer as we wanted so we needed to dig deeper with their in-house database programmer. The transfer process lasted 84 hours, during which every piece of information was meticulously transferred in its entirety. Following the completion of the transfer, we conducted thorough quality control checks to verify the accuracy and integrity of the data. With everything in place, we were on the brink of wrapping up this monumental project, with just one final step remaining.

But the expedition didn't end there. With data in hand, we set out to empower Signal with tools to track and analyze their information effectively. We created tailored dashboards, providing insights into every aspect of their sales process. From monitoring key metrics to identifying areas for improvement, these dashboards became invaluable assets for Signal's decision-makers, including the C-suite. And with ongoing support and optimization, we ensured that their path towards success would continue unabated.

Ongoing Results: Empowering Efficiency and Informed Decision-Making:

The ongoing results of our partnership with Signal are remarkable, speaking volumes to the impact of our collaboration. The franchise development sales team now operates with heightened efficiency thanks to the optimized portal, while accurate insights and dashboards cater to various internal stakeholders' informational needs, empowering informed decision-making. Furthermore, Signal's website and landing pages seamlessly integrate with automated email campaigns, maximizing engagement with their audience. Streamlined processes for video procurement and utilization further enhance operational efficiency, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives and their HubSpot Strategy. Our commitment to continued support and optimization ensures sustained success over time, driving strategic growth and innovation hand in hand with our partners. Together, the partnership between Trifactor and Signal exemplifies the power of collaboration in redefining what's possible in the realm of modern marketing, CRM platforms and beyond.



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