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Video Marketing Strategy to Boost Customer Acquisition on Instagram & Facebook

3/28/24 8:15 AM

Strategic video marketing is the ultimate catalyst for attracting new audiences and forging deep connections with potential customers. Over the course of three years now, we’ve been working with MarginEdge to elevate their online presence through dynamic user-driven storytelling. 

MarginEdge is an avant-garde invoicing and food cost-tracking platform that’s reshaping the landscape of restaurant managers. Together, we made a wide range of strategic videos to amplify its content mix and expand how it demonstrates its unique selling points. Now their video marketing strategy includes social media advertising, performing exceptionally well on Facebook and Instagram.

MarginEdge started their video-centric content marketing journey by producing a compelling value proposition video and later morphing the strategy to include social reels and short-form ads. Trifactor leveraged the power of storytelling to spotlight MarginEdge's game-changing technology in a way that would pique someone’s interest as they scrolled through Meta or Instagram feeds. This sparked engagement from restaurant owners and ultimately more website traffic and leads from this buyer persona. 


Value Proposition Video: Crafting a Compelling Narrative

Our goal was to help MarginEdge stand out and connect with other restaurant operators. So we flew out to Washington DC and coached the co-founders on how to pitch their product in their signature conveyor belt sushi bar. This was our first project with them. Understanding the urgency of connecting with restaurant operators, our video concisely outlined the founder’s story, platform offerings and immediate benefits, appealing to restaurant operators and their day-to-day struggle. Their video marketing strategy was to showcase actual owners more in their videos and less about the platform itself, attracting users that could relate.


Content Marketing Based on the Sales Funnel

Understanding the importance of content alignment with the sales funnel, we crafted a series of videos tailored to various stages of the customer journey. From initial awareness to final conversion, each video strategically led prospects through the decision-making process, highlighting MarginEdge's distinct value propositions and problem-solving approach. Through consistent visuals, Trifactor upheld a unified brand identity that deeply resonated with the target audience. These videos were then added to a new resource section on their website, which later gets served to buyers at different stages using drip email marketing sequences. 


Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy: Maximizing Reach and Engagement

We ingeniously designed MarginEdge's videos with versatility in mind, ensuring they could seamlessly fit into a multi-channel distribution strategy to maximize the reach and engagement of the content. By producing content that transcends platform boundaries we were able to amplify their reach and empowered MarginEdge to distribute their message across multiple channels. After nailing down some of their bare bones content, we expanded into Day in a Life stories of users from all of the US. This content would later be used in the sales process to help convert.   

MarginEdge Email

Highlighting Unique Value Propositions: Showcasing the Impact

At the heart of Trifactor's marketing approach, we aimed to portray the authentic realities of restaurant operators. Understanding that genuine connection to the story is paramount for audience resonance, we veered away from merely spotlighting platform features. Instead, our emphasis was on illustrating how MarginEdge actively transforms the day-to-day operations of various restaurants, ultimately enhancing their profitability. Through vivid visuals and engaging narratives, Trifactor painted MarginEdge as more than just a software solution; it emerged as a committed partner, dedicated to empowering its clients' success by addressing real-life challenges head-on. Here’s one of our favorite Day in a Life Stories of a user in Alabama who used MarginEdge during the pandemic. 

Our collaboration with MarginEdge exemplifies the power of video marketing strategy in showcasing technology solutions to target audiences. By leveraging a marketing strategy tailored to tech startups, Trifactor effectively communicated MarginEdge's value proposition, guided prospects through the sales funnel, and maximized reach and engagement across multiple channels. Through compelling storytelling and visual branding consistency, Trifactor successfully positioned MarginEdge as a Solutions-Oriented Problem-Solving partner dedicated to empowering restaurants to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.


Ale Bossio
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