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Making Franchise Conventions Memorable with Creative Video Storytelling

2/29/24 10:30 AM


At Trifactor, we love to push it when it comes to convention creative. In the case of Cruise Planners, we took things to a whole new level. And it certainly shows. 

Conventions can either feel one of two ways: long, boring and drawn-out or mesmerizing and inspiring. We think video storytelling can swing the pendulum in the right direction, but it's up to the brand and its leadership team to actually care about what is being put out there.

"Whenever our team is asked to have a seat at the table to discuss conventions, we like to take it up a notch. We view conventions as a unique and valuable opportunity for brands to re-engage their audience and hit the reset button in their relationship. With that said, our videos are created to romance franchisees and slowly rekindle their love for the brand and their leadership team," says Emmanuel Trenche, VP of Strategy and Agency Ops at Trifactor.

Every year we do exactly this when we connect with Teresa LeClair, CP's creative director and chief unicorn. Teresa really gets it. Every time we meet, she challenges us to reimagine their event experiences by creating new themes that tell their brand story in a visually striking way. 

Promoting Your Convention with a Special-Made Hype Video

In the weeks leading up to the convention, we collaborate and conceptualize with the Cruise Planners team to cook up some seriously captivating stories. Our brainstorming sessions rival that of a Hollywood writers' room. We're not kidding. We take Teresa's wildest ideas and bring 'em to life on screen using visual effects. These videos aren't your average teasers or corporate voices speaking. These mini stories fuel the fun at conventions and gets attendees REALLY pumped and ready for action.

Because of our knack for cinematic storytelling and cutting-edge visuals, we create videos that leave a lasting impression, setting the stage for an unforgettable event. Whether it's crafting mood-setting music videos or putting our own twist on classic movie concepts and thrillers, our goal is simple: to build anticipation and get everyone hyped for what's to come.

CP Convention YouTube

On-Site Filming: Capturing Every Moment in High Definition

As the convention kicks into gear, our videographers dive headfirst into the action, ready to capture every moment in vivid detail. With an unwavering focus on preserving the event's essence to ensure nothing escapes our lens.

We aim to capture the full spectrum of emotions and experiences. With careful framing and meticulous attention to detail, we aim to transport viewers right into the heart of the action, letting them feel the passion and energy radiating from every corner of the event.

Our on-site filming isn't just about recording or documenting different sessions. It's about bottling up the convention's spirit and unleashing it on screen for all to see. Whether it's the applause of a captivated audience or the genuine connections forged between attendees, we are there to obtain the emotions, reactions, and excitement felt by those lucky enough to be there in person. This content is later used to promote next year's convention securing more engagement and ultimately fostering more high performers. 

Post-Event Recap: Reliving the Magic Through Highlights

After the final curtain falls and the crowds disperse, Trifactor's dedicated post-production team jumps into action, eager to distill the essence of the convention into captivating recaps. With meticulous attention, we sift through hours of footage to select the most memorable moments that encapsulate the heart and soul of the event.

In conclusion, Trifactor's collaboration with Cruise Planners underscores the transformative power of video in revolutionizing conventions. From building anticipation with pre-event hype to capturing every moment on-site and creating memorable post-event recaps, our cutting-edge video production techniques elevate the convention experience to new heights. With our focus solely on crafting captivating videos, we ensure that every aspect of the event is brought to life in stunning detail, leaving attendees inspired and eager for more.



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