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The Making of the Freestyle Whiteboard Tech Product Video

2/21/24 8:09 PM



Producing a captivating product video is both an art and a science. Here at Trifactor, we took on the challenge of bringing MetroClick's latest tech breakthrough to life, from white canvas to full color. In this article, we take you on a behind-the-scenes journey and show you how we turned a simple product demonstration into a fun, immersive visual experience. The project goal was to introduce the technology quickly, simplify the communication style, and get buyers hooked to learn more on a landing page setup to convert. 

Crafting the Concept: Breathing Life into Ideas

From the onset, we were faced with the challenge of breathing life into what most people consider a conventional dull whiteboard. We needed to transform this basic idea into an interactive tool that inspires creativity and collaboration; like a tablet. It wasn't just about showcasing tech features, it was about evoking emotions and sparking imagination. We needed to show people why having something like this in their home office, school, or conference room, could inspire creativity and better virtual collaboration. So we came up with the concept, FREESTYLE, to compete with other impressive interactive whiteboards already in the marketplace. Branding was a big part of the product video production. We wanted the brand to be memorable and appeal to customers who were already familiar with competing digital screens, but were looking for a better price point with a similar brand message.


Video Script to Screen: Crafting the Narrative

The journey began with a blank canvas approach, alluding to a creative idea waiting to come to life. To get the brush strokes going, we distilled the essence of the Freestyle Whiteboard into a compelling narrative, one that would resonate with viewers on a visceral level. To accomplish this, we use a tool called a FAB sheet to break down the features, advantages, and benefits of the tech product in a way that would make script writing simpler. Through meticulous planning and strategic storytelling, we crafted a script that interlaced technical details with the typical user’s lifestyle. We wanted to demonstrate how the tech product could be used in someone’s day-to-day, helping them to create without limitations. The script included subtle visual cues that encourage collaboration across different sets, while still keeping a minimalistic charm. This also helped keep this video production project within budget. 

Lights, Camera, Action: Bringing Visuals to Life

As a video marketing agency, we always see a great script as only half of the battle. We also have to understand the power of visuals in conveying the message. That’s why we orchestrated every aspect of the video production, from set design to camera angles, ensuring that each frame was a work of art in its own right. The result? A visual feast that not only illustrated the product well, but also immersed viewers in its creative potential. Even something like wardrobe design and props were carefully selected so that we could accentuate the creative flair that comes with the interactive whiteboard. We dressed the model in yellow, red, and blue, for instance. In art, these primary colors are used to create others and, ultimately, a masterpiece. As you’ll see from the finished video, the model’s attire was the only look that changed from scene to scene to focus on her creative abilities and pizzazz when interacting with the whiteboard. 

Metroclick copy

Post-Production Magic: Polishing Up the Gem

In the realm of post-production, our ingenuity truly shines. We tackled challenges head-on, from lighting issues to reflections, employing a blend of creativity and technical expertise to overcome each obstacle. Through painstaking attention to detail, we transformed raw footage into a polished masterpiece, ready to dazzle audiences. There was plenty of rotoscoping involved to give the green screen purpose, while putting the model in situations where she was able to bring her ideas to life. 

The Soundtrack of Success: Setting the Tone

Oftentimes, the most underrated aspect of video production is in selecting the music or soundtrack. But like many high-end production studios, we take this process seriously. We understand the importance of music in setting the tone and enhancing the viewer experience. Through careful selection, we found the perfect track, an anthem of freedom and creativity that elevated the video to new heights. The sound does a great deal to convey the message in this video. We consider it a slam dunk.

Celebrating Creativity in Your Product Video

In the end, the Freestyle Whiteboard video wasn't just an ordinary product demonstration, it was a testament to our ability to transform ideas into reality. Through our creative vision and technical prowess, we turned a simple concept into a mesmerizing visual journey, one that leaves a lasting impression on those in the market for such a dynamic piece of technology. 

As we reflect on the making of the Freestyle Whiteboard product video, one thing becomes clear: Trifactor isn't just a production company; we're storytellers, artists who weave color narratives out of thin air. Layer on our marketing knowledge, and you get award-winning and memorable marketing communications that help you connect and convert. For more insight into our creative process and tricks from behind the scenes, follow us on YouTube and see it for yourself. 

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Ale Bossio
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