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Trifactor Named a Top 2023 Franchise Supplier by Entrepreneur Magazine for Video Marketing

9/21/23 6:15 PM


From left to right: Co-founders, Joel Wilcoxson, Emmanuel Trenche, and Hugo Tabares, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We're excited to share that Entrepreneur Magazine has crowned Trifactor as a leading 2023 franchise supplier, recognizing the agency for delivering high quality video marketing solutions that serve both consumer and franchise development departments. This great honor comes as we snagged the 11th ranking position in the prestigious "Top Franchise Supplier" in the marketing category. The whole story unfolds in the pages of Entrepreneur magazine's September/October 2023 issue and, of course, online at Entrepreneur.com.

Entrepreneur's Top Franchise Suppliers ranking isn't just another competition; it's the VMAs of the franchise world where the audience votes for the winner, and we're thrilled to announce that we took home a slice of the pie.

This year's Entrepreneur franchise extravaganza saw a record-breaking participation of over 1,000 franchise brands. Franchisors were asked to spill the beans on their favorite collaborators and rated suppliers based on quality, cost, and value. It's like a talent show, and we had the most mesmerizing performance.

“This remarkable accolade serves as a testament that America’s franchise brands are beginning to see the powerful role video can play when optimizing their sales process and across their entire franchise system. Video can be a major differentiator and something prospects now expect when they invest their time and energy to learn about the various concepts out there in the discovery process,” confirmed Emmanuel Trenche, Co-founder and VP of Strategy and Operations at Trifactor. 

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So, what sets us apart? It's not just our products and services; it’s our deep understanding of how franchise ownership can be a dream come true for ambitious individuals across America. Trifactor is honored to be named a video marketing agency of choice when franchisors are looking for a partner to tell the stories of franchisees and the power behind the brands they choose to work with. 

We understand that when you step into the world of franchising, you're not starting a business from scratch. Instead, you're launching a rocket to success. And guess what? We're your communication control center, making sure every detail is perfectly aligned for a smooth takeoff.

As Entrepreneur's editor-in-chief, Jason Feifer, aptly put it: "No franchise can succeed alone, just like no entrepreneur can succeed alone." We're not just a supplier; we're your franchise partners in crime.

In an industry where teamwork and support take center stage, we're the superstar act that's got everyone singing along. With our passion for quality, cost-effectiveness, and jaw-dropping value, we've set a franchise standard hotter than a summer concert tour. So, let's all raise our lighters and give a roaring cheer for Trifactor! 🌟🎸🎤


Started in 2011, Trifactor is a multicultural, digital marketing agency that’s known for creating awesome videos. That’s what makes us different. Our mission is to help companies grow by merging creative design, digital marketing, and video.

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