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5 Ways Video Content Boosts Sales

3/12/19 1:58 PM

Talent recording content for sales pitch video for wellness products

Content marketing is the new wave for driving leads and closing sales. The idea is by providing relevant and interesting information about your services or related industry, prospects will be intrigued to know more and have no choice but to buy.

There are a slew of ways to go about your marketing strategy. From print media to podcasts, webinars and much more. But let’s save you time and discuss the most effective method to convert 5x better. Let’s talk video.

Video content generates buzz for your business and converts leads like never before. Businesses are catching on, with 83% saying video provides the best return on their investment

For now, let’s dive into the ways in which video is a better marketing tool than the rest.

Higher visibility and engagement

Before a prospect buys your product, they first have to see it. What are you more likely to see first? An article in your local weekly or an entertaining 60-second video on your Instagram feed? The question is rhetorical—we know it’s the video.

The easier your content is to share and be seen, the higher it will rank on Google. It’s been shown that 70% of the top 100 search results listings contain video. If attracting more eyeballs to your website or products is something you’re interested in—which, of course, it is—, time to start recording.

Whether broadcasted via your social media account, newsletters, television, or company YouTube channel, video is what will help you reach your preferred audience. The more your customers engage with your message, the more likely you’ll sell. Simple.

Keep their interest

Now that you caught your target’s eye, how do you keep their attention? If prospects read your long-winded blog article, they’ll simply bounce. Potential buyers can hear a podcast on an irrelevant topic and turn the dial. But video? When leads see information on your product and come across a play button, the two of you will just click.

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. It’s a fact. Video is unique in the way that it invites its audience in by telling a story. Reading and listening to podcasts requires a constraining amount of focus that is a non-factor with video.

Further data shows that text has nothing on video. When it comes to online posts, 60% of viewers will engage in a video post before a text post. When coming up with a content strategy, why not use what your viewers natural desire? Instead of boring them to death, make them stick around by letting your videos do all the talking.

Drive them to action

Penetrate their psyche—check. Peak their interest—check. Persuade them to act—check. Content marketing subtly pushes your audience to take interest in your products and ultimately, make a purchase. But compared to your current marketing methods, video is the most effective at CTA’s, ROI, and conversions.  

By having a video on your landing page, you increase your conversion rates by 80%. Think about it. The more informed and excited your prospect is about your brand or product, the more inclined they’ll be to buy. To be precise, 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. In fact, 64% of users are more likely to buy your product online after watching a video. That means more videos in your digital marketing efforts equals more profits.

Convert customers into brand supporters

Making sales is great. That’s the goal, right? But the customer journey doesn’t end there. A sale is only the beginning of a relationship to help drive future business. The better content you put out, the more your customers will feel favorably toward you and recommend you to a friend.

Bottom line: video is shareable. On Twitter, videos received 28% more retweets and almost all mobile viewers share videos with friends and family. Think of every retweet or share as a potential new lead. That means, doubling, tripling, and quadrupling new clientele with so much as a single video. Not bad. Not bad at all.

We are living in the Digital Age where Internet image is everything. Even if your products are the best out, the company with the better content and engagement with clients will drive and deliver the most sales. Including video in your strategy will help your customers spread the word faster and produce a more lasting result.

Amplifies your brand’s voice

Capturing your company’s essence is a challenge. How do you showcase your talented team, company vision, and exemplary products using one medium? Maybe a couple of still images of your offices or past works. You deserve better. You deserve video to deliver the results you're looking for.

Give your audience the best experience possible by using video. There are a number of videos that help you inform, educate or simply entertain your audience. Great news. We specialize in all of them. 

Marketing is the science of getting your brand into the forefront and of course, closing sales. Bettering your odds of achieving this means using the better option at your disposal—video.

In summary, video content can help you:

  • Attract more attention
  • Engage your clients more
  • Motivate customers to take action
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • And strengthen your brand

If you are working hard to attain any of these, reach out to us and start seeing results.

Sofia Galiano
Written by Sofia Galiano

Sofia, an expert in cultivating Trifactor's online presence, combines journalism and award-winning photography to create engaging content that tells the company's unique story.

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