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Start 2021 With a Company Culture Boost

1/14/21 9:00 AM

Marketing team celebrating their company culture in 2021

Company culture is more than just office parties and employee perks. It's the heart of your organization, and the values that make you unique. It’s the way in which your workplace operates at a soul-level, and can be measured by the morale and satisfaction of your staff.

In the year of the remote employee, company culture has taken a hit. Teams have been spread apart, faced lay-offs, and taken budget cuts. With a lot of upending in the workplace, it may be no surprise that some company cultures are in need of a bit of healing. If your employees seem burnt out, overtired, disconnected, or generally resigned, then a company culture boost may be exactly what you need. 

As we’ve adjusted to the new normal, now is the perfect time for business owners and managers to prioritize employee morale and company culture. 

To give your company culture a boost as you clean the slate for the new year, here are key areas to focus on, with recommendations to jump start some changes: 

Core Values

When you founded your company, the traits you value most become essential to the work you do. At the start of a new year, it’s a great time to review those values to remind yourself of why they are the core of your company. It’s the perfect opportunity to ensure that your values align with your work and your actions, to note the values your team excels at and the ones that may need to be refreshed. Revisiting these with your team will also connect them to the greater sense of purpose of the company’s mission, and keep them invested in its success. 

In examining your values, this might be a great time to host a creative workshop to help the staff reconnect to the core values, the heart of the company, and the 2021 business strategy. This will not only reinvigorate employee’s brand connection, but also doubles as a great team bonding activity. 

Another option that serves a dual purpose is to create a company culture video. This will get your team collaborating on something meaningful and values-adjacent, while the end result will be engaging content that you can feature on your website. It’s a win-win. 

Internal Communication

Nothing can stall a positive company culture like poor internal communication. 

Internal communication can encompass many different areas of your business operations. From direct performance feedback, company updates and announcements, to simple daily conversation. The way you approach communication can have a big impact, so make it positive. 

When sharing company updates, being open, transparent, and communicative makes employees feel more invested and connected, like they too have a stake in the company’s well being. So when you’re thinking about sharing, do it! As Bonusly worded it, shift your mindset from “is this absolutely necessary to share,” to “is this absolutely necessary to conceal?” Include your employees and you’ll see how your company culture will blossom. 

If you’re completely over Zoom meetings, an internal email marketing campaign is a great way to share company news and team achievements without the need to block out time for a meeting. Plus, with a regular anticipated newsletter, you’ll be able to include culture-boosting info, like employee recognition or special events. 

If you want to kick it up a notch, trade your email newsletter for a company news video series to provide internal updates, company announcements, and other noteworthy communications. This is a dynamic and fun way to take a memos or corporate message to the next level, while engaging your team to create something for the benefit of the entire company. 

Human Connection

When many employees may still be working remotely, staying connected with your team is vital. Even if your office is back in-person, often employees can go through an entire day without speaking to certain team members. It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page with work tasks, but also comfortable and connected to each other. 

Daily or bi-weekly check-ins are key to ensure that productivity is being met, and prevents employees from feeling isolated or disconnected from the company at large. You may be thinking, oh no, not another meeting, but these check-ins don’t have to be long, and the impact of this connection is definitely worth the time. 

If you’re really looking to get that tight-knit friendly atmosphere with your team, a series of employee bonding exercises can be great for keeping people in touch, outside of typical projects. These exercises work well for remote and in-person teams, and can include things like corporate challenges—step challenges, weekly cooking or recipe competitions—, or fun exchanges—think year-round secret Santa, but with a work-adjacent theme, like a book exchange or a coffee share! 

Employee Recognition

One of the most essential areas to focus on to boost company culture is employee recognition. Research shows that regular recognition makes employees feel seen, appreciated, and more motivated and connected to their work. It’s common sense that employers should show that acknowledgment to their employees, but it’s something that’s often overlooked or not prioritized because of time constraints, or more pressing projects. 

It may seem obvious, but don’t bypass recognition and small victories for the sake of time. They can have a big impact on employee morale and overall company culture. Taking the time to acknowledge hard work, dedication, and successes—even small ones—is one of the most fundamental things for the health of a company’s culture. 

The most typical but still worthwhile suggestion for improving employee recognition is incentives. These can range, depending on your company work style and the specific achievement being recognized. For small acknowledgements, a treat like a dessert, coffee, or lunch shows employees you care. For larger accomplishments or to reward successful projects, you can’t go wrong with bigger incentives like extended lunch, a day or partial day off, or a monetary bonus. 

For company-wide recognition, you can go beyond a simple meeting mention. Try a case study video to really showcase a particular project that was successful. With a video to highlight the whole process, you can acknowledge the achievements and the team behind the work. And if you feature that video on your website, potential customers can see the success your team brings to the table. 

This is how video and digital marketing can boost all areas of your business.

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