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How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

2/21/20 1:40 PM

AI robot entering the digital marketing world

It's no secret that artificial intelligence is reshaping technology in all industries, including the digital marketing world. With ever-evolving algorithms that are becoming more and more nuanced and intelligent, AI has the ability to improve the efficiency of operations, including more targeted marketing and a clear understanding of the customer journey. 

Here are a few ways you can use AI to ramp up your marketing strategy:

Streamline operations

One way to make your company more efficient is by incorporating artificial intelligence into augmented reality scenarios with an overlay of immersive computer graphics. For example, with glasses or a headset, technicians from the Coca-Cola bottling plant are able to receive useful information about the equipment they are servicing. This enables them to make better, more informed diagnoses and successful repairs in remote locations. 

Implement AR/VR technology

You can also use AR/VR videos to boost your brand identity. In the same way you can streamline operations with more efficient and intuitive artificial intelligence, you can also use this type of AI to create an immersive experience that will connect your brand with your audience. 

When you incorporate videos with AR/VR technology, you can use AI as an innovative way to boost brand loyalty. As the digital marketing experts from Smart Insights point out, "Combining AI with AR/VR not only refreshes the user's consumption experience but also builds a strong brand identity that can help create a greater sense of loyalty from a brand's customer base."

Anticipate the customer journey

Algorithms that gather data can also be used to understand the daily habits of consumers. Using algorithms of collective data, digital marketers can target a specific customer base by tracking their daily habits with CRM technology; Customer Relationship Management is a strategy that maximizes data collection with sophisticated filtering of information. This technology allows marketers to gain insights on customer service such as identifying user needs and then applying the appropriate marketing strategy. When AI and CRM are combined, marketers can understand the customer journey and provide them with the best solution; the result can often be a noticeable boost in sales. 

Improve customer service with AI bots

The application of semantic recognition, voice conversion technology, and language processing has given AI chatbots the ability to significantly improve the customer experience. One benefit of AI chatbots is that it caters to a large group of people whereas the one-on-one communication of traditional customer service requires more employees and reduced access. The benefit of AI chatbots is that they can work around the clock, answering customer questions in real-time. Not only are they highly efficient, but they can provide support to a wide reach of customers outside normal office hours.

AI chatbots also can be personalized to the region, including a choice of languages depending on the customer's location. In the customer journey, these are all important options and features of a smart, streamlined system that caters to their needs and prioritizes convenience.

Many top brands have been using messenger applications in their customer service communication portals. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Slack all use AI chatbots, which provide easy and streamlined communication with customers. 

More targeted email campaigns

Another way AI is reshaping digital marketing strategies is with the gold standard of marketing: email campaigns. AI technology uses data collection in order to provide information about the customer’s wants and needs. Using this information, companies can create emails with product recommendations that are based on the customer's behavior. Certain tools can help marketers optimize email campaigns by dynamically analyzing the targeted demographic and how to connect with them for best results. 

Digital ads across social media platforms

One of the most widely used strategies in digital marketing, digital advertising on social media has become an important tool for many marketers. With AI technology, companies can use platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram in order to analyze customer information such as gender, age, interest, and general demographics. 

With this information, social media algorithms can provide relevant advertisements to users, which in turn, improves the performance of digital ads. In fact, this trend is so effective that it continues to rise among major brands. According to eMarketer, companies spent an estimated $273.29 billion in 2018 on digital ads. It's a sound investment for digital marketers because it helps them make better use of their marketing budget by predicting trends and targeting their audience with curated information.

Along with targeted email campaigns, AR/VR videos, and digital ads, marketers can leverage AI to create marketing content that reflects the customer's personal preferences. The common denominator in AI technology is its ability to analyze and communicate efficiently with specialized algorithms and advanced data collection.

Contact us and learn how you can improve your digital marketing strategy with the combination of intuitive AI technology and videos.

Sara Whitford
Written by Sara Whitford

Sara Whitford is a freelance writer specializing in health & wellness, fashion & design, entertainment, and digital marketing.

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