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7 min read

Local SEO & Video - How To Stand Out In Mobile Search

By Claudine Baugh on 11/2/22 11:27 AM

Now that Google Business Profile has added the use of video to its platform, businesses can boost their local SEO with an engaging video on their location profile. Utilizing this updated feature you can position your brand in a league of its own, let it stand out in mobile search, and ultimately attract more customers.

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5 min read

Video Production House vs. Marketing Agency

By Claudine Baugh on 10/25/22 3:32 PM

Video production and video marketing may appear to take on similar paths in the video creation process but are in fact two distinct services that will arrive at different end results.

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5 min read

Choosing The Right Videos For Your Sales Campaign

By Claudine Baugh on 10/11/22 1:15 PM

No matter what type of business you own, video can assist at every touch point of the sales process. Companies should understand when to use the right type of videos so that they can connect with people at optimal points in the sales process and ultimately drive conversions.

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5 min read

The Short Video Takeover - Bumper Ads

By Claudine Baugh on 9/13/22 5:05 PM

With YouTube revolutionizing the way video is consumed across devices, advertisers now have more opportunities to engage with audiences. Released in 2016, YouTube’s introduction of the new six-second bumper ad enables advertisers to capture attention in today’s mobile-first viewership environment in a sophisticated and creative way. These shorter, non-skippable ad formats are effective and guarantee brand exposure when viewer attention is at a premium.

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6 min read

Using Videos For Conventions & Trade Shows

By Claudine Baugh on 8/31/22 12:18 PM

Video displays are essential for making a big impact on audiences at conventions and trade shows. Whether your company is hosting the event or showcasing products and services via a booth, using dynamic and colorful visual content is a surefire way to not only grab attention but also energize conventioneers.

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