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Reeling In The Benefits: Instagram’s Evolution to Video in 2022

4/20/22 8:00 AM


Since the introduction of Instagram reels back in 2020, the evolution of the app has grown with an even greater emphasis on video content expected to increase exponentially in 2022 according to the popular social media platform’s head, Adam Mosseri.

Like all social media platforms, Instagram (IG) is no stranger to the metamorphosis of change that every content-driven app goes through. What started out as a pure photo-sharing space where users were intent on perfecting the art of capturing the ideal image has now been redefined to include interactive media that drives high levels of engagement.

Here at Trifactor, our core message is built on the foundation that creative video content and digital marketing solutions are the backbone of any good brand and we’re excited to see how 2022 unfolds with the increase of Instagram videos and the potential for businesses. 

Evolution of Instagram Videos

Social Media Marketers have had their fair share of options when it came to utilizing the various features on Instagram. Everything from feeds and stories, designed to give the user shorter, digestible nuggets of information and entertainment on a more personal level, to IGTV, a long-form video style of more than 60 seconds that has since fizzled out in an attempt to bring longer-form videos into the user’s main IG feed. Rounding out the options, Reels came into play allowing users to share easy-to-watch 30-second videos on any given day.

Video Makes It Easy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth 10,000. While it may sound wonderfully poetic, there are very real and calculable ways that allow businesses to measure the success of implementing stronger video content on their IG, in turn, providing tangible benefits to their bottom line. And why wouldn’t they when over 91% of IG users say that they watch video content weekly!

Instagram videos, especially when done correctly, are a great way to provide powerful and impactful messaging in as short an amount of time as possible and really drive trackable consumer engagement. 

Reeling in the Benefits

One of the biggest benefits proven by IG reels is evidenced through statistical analysis of user engagement when compared to traditional IG videos. Citing a Conviva study on high profile sports teams, we get a good sense of the effectiveness of reels in engaging with new audiences: 

“We analyzed all teams within the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB and compared their average engagements per Reel to their average engagements per video on Instagram and the results are stunning. Across all leagues, the average engagements per Reel was higher than the average engagements per video on Instagram. The NFL is the most active league on Reels and is reaping the benefits. The average NFL team’s Reel is generating 67% more engagements than their average Instagram video.”

Impact of Advertising & Marketing and IG Reels

There is no denying the impact of advertising through social media to generate substantial revenue for your business, as well as high conversion rates of turning prospects into actual customers. IG reels are particularly effective at influencing a customer’s purchasing decision, giving users the ability to immediately learn everything about your product and see the potential of the product in real-time. 

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the effectiveness of IG reels as part of your overall digital strategy:

  • 675.3 million - The potential audience that Meta reports can be reached with ads on Instagram reels.

  • 45.7% - Instagram reel ads reach as a percentage of Instagram’s total advertising reach.

  • 10.9% - Instagram reels advertising reach as a percentage of the total population over 13+.

  • 46.1% and 53.9% - The percentage of Instagram reels ad audience that Meta reports as female and male respectively. 

5 Top Tips When Employing IG Reels for Advertising

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using reels to advertise on Instagram. Businesses need to learn to reshape their thinking and redefine what it takes to incorporate successful video strategies into their marketing and advertising. Below, we highlight 5 top tips that any business, company, or individual can take into consideration when employing IG reels into their advertising strategy:

  1. Use Instagram reels in your ad strategy - Reel ads look just like a regular reel and are a great introduction to your brand.

  2. Provide product tutorials - Nothing is more effective than being able to demonstrate how to use your product! It saves your user the time of having to research this information themselves outside of Instagram, making it more convenient.

  3. Give sneak peeks of upcoming launches and sales - The beauty of Instagram is the shareability and ease of promoting new information to your customers.

  4. Partner with Instagram influencers- Influencers have honed in on their craft of being highly successful at engaging with their audiences!

  5. Last but not least, our favorite: Give a behind-the-scenes look at your brand- bring movement and life to your brand by giving your customers an authentic user experience. 

CTA- Creative Partner

We’d love to connect with you to discuss how Trifactor can lend our video marketing expertise and help your business define and implement a successful social media campaign by bringing your brand to life through engaging videos and reels. Call us today to learn more!

Janissa Khal
Written by Janissa Khal

Janissa is a freelance Copywriter and Communications Strategist with a passion for creative writing, travel blogs and innovative digital content.

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