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4 min read

How Snapchat’s User Research Impacts Video Trends

By Creative Team on 3/31/21 9:00 AM

When it comes to app developers and user data reports, marketers usually look to the go-to giants of the social realm: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The findings these platforms share with the world are incredibly helpful when formulating strategies and gaining insights into what’s trending among users. But some incredibly interesting findings emerged from what may be an unexpected source: Snapchat.        

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5 min read

How Instagram’s 2021 Updates Impact Your Social Media Strategy

By Creative Team on 3/17/21 9:00 AM

Ah, Instagram. It feels like the moment you finally understand all the features and algorithm complexities, updates emerge. Digital marketing best practices and social media platforms are like living organisms, changing and evolving, and influencing the way content reaches your audience.

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4 min read

Best Video Format for Social Media and Digital Marketing

By Sofia Galiano on 3/13/19 1:15 PM

The way you publish your content is key when considering digital and online advertising. For instance, filming an interview horizontally and publishing it on your Instagram feed may not be the most effective way of displaying your video. That is because your video will provide a low quality user experience, which is not a winning digital marketing strategy. In fact, creating and formatting digital content for vertical view has been the growing trend for content & digital marketers looking to grow their presence online.

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