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Trifecta Shares a New Vision Looking Towards 2021

11/12/20 10:30 AM

Marketing agency partners strategizing new vision over a pinball machine

Congrats! You’re reading this because, so far, we’ve survived the COVID-19 era that’s marked our lives forever. We know we’re not the only ones saying this, but 2020 has been a true test of time for business owners. And we’d like to share how we’re thriving as an agency. 

At Trifecta, April’s lockdown made us look deep into the soul of our company. We were forced to ask ourselves some really scary questions as owners. We questioned our reason for being, the strength of our client relationships and whether they could withstand an unprecedented economic downturn, and in some cases, how our lives—as owners—would need to morph, should we decide to change course and give other things in our lives top priority. 

This is probably not very different from what many of you have also experienced. 

To shed some light, prior to COVID-19, Trifecta relied heavily on the travel industry. This meant our very existence had been threatened by the fact that cruise ships and excursions stopped operations entirely for months and, some, still to this day. Fortunately enough, prior to the pandemic, we focused heavily on diversifying as an agency. 

However, we’ve learned diversification is not enough to secure survival. We needed to pair that with a smarter, more virtual approach to conducting business. This meant we had to rethink how we sell our services, with new digital tools and online experiences. And since digital marketing is one of our strengths, this core competency kept us innovating for both our clients and in our own business model.

Stopping to look around and think was much needed. In fact, thinking two, three, and even four steps ahead, has helped us tremendously to envision what a post-COVID-19 world would require. Having more empathy for each member of our team and being flexible with those who value us became more important. 

To give everyone a bit of perspective, everything we do at Trifecta now is about attaining a higher level of sustainability. It’s about securing a long-term path to steady and healthy growth. It isn’t about immediate profits, but rather about building thicker skin, being more resilient, persevering, and fighting through obstacles that get thrown our way. Consequently, we’ve been investing in things that will help us stay relevant as an agency, and secure a position of strength for years to come. We believe profits will naturally follow suit.

With that said, we want to share how our soul searching has led to a complete restructuring of our business, starting with our mindset. This began by reexamining our brand purpose, our existence, and thinking critically about what it would take to remain sustainable. Like a palm tree deeply rooted in the sand during a heavy South Florida storm, we needed to determine what it would take for us to stand strong should something else happen. We're always asking ourselves what can we control now, in order to thrive later. 

This state of mind makes it easier for us to get up each morning and pave the way for a new Trifecta. In the coming days and weeks you will see some very interesting steps Trifecta will take to keep our clients at the forefront of their digital transformation. Part of that is a new focus on helping our clients remain nimble, while securing a solid foundation. We believe we can be a source of stability in an uncertain time. 

As part of our renewed sense of purpose, we have begun the process of developing new products and services that will give companies an edge in a more virtual economy. And very soon, we will begin to announce a series of innovations that will set us up for sustained traction in a new post-COVID-19 era. With that said, please stay tuned. Watch us carefully as we change the sound of how we do things and help those around us shift from operating under risky, dangerous levels of growth and instead focus on sustainability and innovation.

Emmanuel Trenche
Written by Emmanuel Trenche

Emmanuel, VP of Strategy & Agency Operations at Trifactor, writes about marketing for growth and innovation, sharing corporate strategy experiences and industry insights.

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