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Improve the Customer Journey with Video

8/31/18 9:17 AM

Frustrated customer in their journey shopping online

Knowledge is power. Especially for the consumer. Emmanuel Trenche, Growth Marketer, has developed over the years a solid understanding of marketing concepts.

“The more educated a prospect is, the more qualified they are as a prospect,” says Trenche. In other words, the more a potential buyer knows about you and your product, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Informing your audience about your brand, products and quality of service are key to helping your prospect make the right purchase—in other words, decide to work with you.

But it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Let's explore how video can improve the relationship you have with your buyer at different points in the customer journey. 

Here is a brief overview on how video can improve the customer journey:

  • Raise brand visibility in the Awareness Stage
  • Demonstrate your services in the Consideration Stage
  • Highlight client success stories in the Decision Stage

Awareness stage

Before a prospect decides to purchase your product, and way before a client learns to incorporate your services into their business model, they must first become aware that your company exists.

Awareness is only the first step in the customer journey. But your first impression can last a lifetime. If you are interested in attaining clients for the long haul, making use of video to deliver your brand’s message is the way to go.

Video easily and effectively informs, educates, shares a story, will turn prospects on to your brand and so much more. However, most importantly, video humanizes your message to better connect with your audience and put them in the ideal buying state.

Here’s an example of a corporate video we produced for one of our clients, Rex 3, a major commercial printing manufacturer in Florida. This video was designed to showcase the faces behind the company, their excellence within the industry, and what to clients can expect from the facility:

The video gives Rex 3’s prospects buying power by informing them on the value they can obtain by utilizing this service. Video is not only a faster, more engaging way of delivering this message. It also puts a face to the seemingly obscure name, Rex 3, creating a personal connection between the brand and its consumers.

Look at Apple, which sells everything but apples. Their style and approach is what romances their audience in many markets such as watches, home entertainment, and more! We all love their products for their innovative technology and minimalist design. But when we purchase it's all because of the way their story is told.

Using video to educate your audience brings a human-element to the customer journey, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a long-term approach to sales.

Business owners are already on board. Companies that implemented corporate videos on their platforms reported an average conversion rate increase of nearly 20%. So there's no doubt, video turns prospects into customers.

The customer journey is defined by all the interactions a prospect has when starting a relationship with your company. Even after a client buys into your brand, there are still several opportunities where creating a better customer experience can set you apart from your competition—leading your sales and business to grow.

Interested in growing your brand awareness using video? Let’s get started.

Consideration stage

When a prospect searches for different service providers in your industry, a video can make a world of a difference. Communicating your product in a way that resonates with your buyer and eliminates any doubts is a sure way to gain a client.

Stop stunting the success of your sales with thick welcome packets and virtual—but also actual—junk mail. Take a more personal and memorable approach in the sales process by including video into the mix.

Trenche says a corporate video is a great, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Potential clients are always looking for more information. They want to know your products can produce results.

Using video to highlight past projects is a way to reassure your buyer in the decision making process. Any effort to help your client navigate a cluttered market is key to the customer journey.

Video allows you to introduce the company culture, while also building rapport with your audience and forming an emotional connection.

Training videos are another way of promoting growth in sales and ROI.

Introducing a new software that’s too complex to explain via text? Video can give instruction with clarity and heart—making it a no-brainer for your prospect to convert.

Supplying video content to your audience will improve how your business communicates and enhance your customer journey. Now, let us meet your demand.

Decision stage

When a prospect becomes a client, the journey doesn’t end there. Your buyer needs guidance after investing in your product. Worry not. Video is here to help.

“We incorporate video that helps buyers to know what steps to take next in their customer journey,” says Trenche. Consumers like to see how businesses treat previous clients. Follow up videos showcasing the satisfaction of your service helps achieve amazing  results.

This is key to developing a positive customer experience and generating revenue over time.

Testimonials are also a powerful tool that are best delivered using video. Receiving customer feedback is a two-way street. You share interest in your customer's satisfaction and they in turn, appreciate your receptiveness.

Proudly showcasing your satisfied customers will create a ripple effect and help the next potential buyer who is still on the fence.

Helping your prospects at each step of the way will ensure you have happier, healthier business relationships with current and future clients.

That is why we map out your customer journey and pinpoint where video can be included to optimize your business. Why tell you, when we can just show you.

Sofia Galiano
Written by Sofia Galiano

Sofia, an expert in cultivating Trifactor's online presence, combines journalism and award-winning photography to create engaging content that tells the company's unique story.

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