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Dario Rodriguez

Dario is Trifactor's Creative Marketing Director in Colombia. His industry knowledge and hands-on work with our clients give him an informed perspective as a blog contributor. He writes on key marketing recommendations and best practices.

Recent Posts

6 min read

How to Use Branding to Grow Your Business

By Dario Rodriguez on 6/3/16 5:07 PM

Branding is not a marketing tool reserved for big-budget companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Google. Branding is not a concept created to live in academic books, nor a fancy word used by gurus to sell their all-in-one marketing solutions. And, certainly, branding is not a magic tonic that will make your business profitable in one day.

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5 min read

Top 5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Your Business

By Dario Rodriguez on 4/20/16 12:37 PM

You’re probably here because you own a business or work in online marketing. Also, you’re probably wondering if a Business YouTube Channel will help you generate leads, create brand awareness or improve sales. So get ready to find the answer to those questions through 5 tips that will help you decide if YouTube should be part of your inbound marketing strategy.

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