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Lydia Mattern

Lydia, expert in creative writing, storytelling, editorial work, and social media, specializes in marketing for online publications and non-profits.

Recent Posts

6 min read

How to Create Killer Video Concepts

By Lydia Mattern on 5/22/20 7:15 PM

You’ve decided you’re ready to jump on the video marketing train and try your hand at producing corporate videos. Great choice! Video marketing is currently one of the strongest ways to engage with your target audience. So where do you start?

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3 min read

How Lead Nurturing Boosts Your Business Sales

By Lydia Mattern on 2/6/20 9:30 AM

Meet Alex—she recently visited your website and, due to your stellar inbound marketing strategies, felt intrigued and became interested in learning more about your products and services. When a banner popped up asking if she’d like to sign up for exclusive content, she couldn’t resist and voluntarily gave you her name and email address. Without knowing it, she became a qualified lead. One you can now nurture and convert to a sale.

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4 min read

Six Core Principles for Businesses to Ensure GDPR Compliance

By Lydia Mattern on 1/23/20 7:00 AM

As you launch into the new year and start planning your digital marketing strategy for 2020, you’ll want to also have a plan in place to ensure you’re compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

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