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Claudine Baugh

Claudine is a content writer for Trifactor. As part of their creative team, contributes digital marketing and video-focused content for the company’s various projects.

Recent Posts

4 min read

Marketing Trends For 2022: Responsive Search Ads And Interactive Video

By Claudine Baugh on 6/29/22 6:17 PM

As marketers look towards the very near future, they will need to meet the current marketing trends and focus their campaigns around new innovations such as responsive search ads and interactive video marketing.

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10 min read

YouTube Advertising Will Explode In 2022!

By Claudine Baugh on 6/9/22 9:39 AM


There has been a huge growth in the advertising sector in the last few years, especially with the effects of the pandemic. Video ads on social media have since been ranked as one of the most competitive ways to connect with consumers online and prompt conversions. This was largely contributed by the giant of consumable data - YouTube. Industry experts have already predicted that YouTube advertising will explode in 2022 and beyond, so marketers will need to step up their game to create a solid YouTube marketing campaign.

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6 min read

Training The Future Generation with Online Video

By Claudine Baugh on 5/23/22 8:00 AM

One of the most valuable resources a franchisor can offer a franchise owner is a robust training program that will coach them on how to run the business and employ systems for training staff. This is especially instrumental in maintaining brand quality and services across the board.

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6 min read

Personalization In The Lead Nurturing Process

By Claudine Baugh on 4/27/22 4:12 PM

Gone are the days of generic marketing. We're now in a technological age where personalization ultimately wins conversions. The lead nurturing process involves a series of strategic events to connect and engage with potential buyers, but personalization is where marketers get crafty in converting prospects into customers and keep them coming back for more. Connecting with the right team of marketing experts will help make this a reality for you and your brand.

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5 min read

Programmatic Video and Franchise Development

By Claudine Baugh on 4/12/22 1:10 PM

Marketers are always looking for effective ways to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Video advertising is a powerful yet personal way to communicate your brand with prospects while informing and educating them about what you can portray - is an opportunity of a lifetime. 

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