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Emmanuel Trenche

Emmanuel is Trifactor's VP of Strategy & Agency Operations. With a focus on growth and innovation in client strategy, Emmanuel writes on his experiences in the corporate world and the biggest marketing industry trends.

Recent Posts

6 min read

How Google Searches Build Your Online Brand Reputation

By Emmanuel Trenche on 5/6/16 10:55 AM

Brands have an incredible amount of power and influence in the buyer’s journey. They help buyers understand why you’re in business and how you can help them. If built well, brands can represent things like quality and innovation, or emotions such as excitement and fun.

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6 min read

10 Things I Learned About Business, Now That I’m 30

By Emmanuel Trenche on 3/26/15 5:40 AM

Who cares how old you are? Business changes so rapidly we have to constantly relearn everything anyway. Despite all of that, here are 10 takeaways from my experiences in corporate America so far.

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