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Emmanuel Trenche

Emmanuel is Trifactor's VP of Strategy & Agency Operations. With a focus on growth and innovation in client strategy, Emmanuel writes on his experiences in the corporate world and the biggest marketing industry trends.

Recent Posts

4 min read

How Videos Give Websites a Human Voice in a Robotic Society

By Emmanuel Trenche on 5/1/19 12:26 PM

Imagine looking for a solution online to later find there's maybe one company with a potential fix. You're not entirely sure at first glance because their website copy is vague and confusing.

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4 min read

The Video Marketing Trifecta: What, Why and How

By Emmanuel Trenche on 8/24/18 6:16 PM

You’re probably looking for better ways to engage your clients and increase sales. If you’re familiar with digital marketing, you’ve already used email, cell phone photography, or even podcasts to deliver your message. We get it. You want to stand out and be heard.

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5 min read

How to Share Videos on Facebook to Promote Your Franchise Business

By Emmanuel Trenche on 11/15/17 2:03 PM

If you’re part of the CP Video Network, you’re probably super excited about sharing the videos we made to help promote your business. But please, hold off and think carefully about how to do this before posting anything. A critical part of your video marketing success partially depends on how you use social media. That’s why we’re compelled to share a few tips before you start sharing videos online. To be brief, we put together a few details you should consider before and after you post on Facebook.

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1 min read

Highlights from CPcon2017 in Cancun

By Emmanuel Trenche on 10/20/17 5:11 PM

We’ve covered a handful of Cruise Planners’ conventions. It’s actually one of our favorite times of the year. But this time around, CP convention was extra special. For the first time ever, we announced CP Video Network, a collection of social media optimized videos created with CP agents in mind. Each made with love by our video marketing team.

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7 min read

Why Every Company Needs a Dream

By Emmanuel Trenche on 5/4/17 9:17 AM

Are you a dreamer? If so, I’m happy to report that your dreams will get you far in business and in your career. I’m not a fortune teller by any means, but the trend reveals your future is bright. 

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