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11 min read

Video Marketing Boosts Credibility & Trust in Sales Process

By Emmanuel Trenche on 2/15/22 5:30 PM

Over the years, we’ve noticed that franchise conventions are a gold mine for knowing what works and what doesn’t in terms of franchise marketing and lead conversion. There’s nothing more gratifying to a marketer (especially us at Trifactor) than stopping a franchisee in their tracks to uncover how their journey to franchising came about. 

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4 min read

Our Takeaways from IFA and Everything Loved

By Emmanuel Trenche on 2/19/20 3:50 PM

Conventions can be chaotic. Everyone’s usually hustling from one break out session to another. The energy can be mixed depending on the alcohol of choice. And no one’s ever spared from a bold coffee stain, caused mainly from eating, speaking and shaking hands all at the same time. But at the International Franchise Association convention (IFA), something was different. And we think it was the people. 

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5 min read

How to Share Videos on Facebook to Promote Your Franchise Business

By Emmanuel Trenche on 11/15/17 2:03 PM

If you’re part of our Video Networks, you’re probably super excited about sharing the videos we made to help promote your business. But please, hold off and think carefully about how to do this before posting anything. A critical part of your video marketing success partially depends on how you use social media. That’s why we’re compelled to share a few tips before you start sharing videos online. To be brief, we put together a few details you should consider before and after you post on Facebook.

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